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Singer-songwriter comes to the Rat

Weiss wailed while fans went to the front of the stage.
Weiss wailed while fans went to the front of the stage.

By Alina Berganovsky

Sitting on a stool — just him and his guitar — Evan Weiss, of the one-man band Into It. Over It, created a very personal atmosphere at his show in the dimly-lit Rathskeller on Tuesday, April 17, with opener Paper Street, put on by the College Union Board.

Hardcore fans moved closer to the front of the Rat as soon as Weiss took the stage. He asked if anyone had seen one of his shows before and a large majority of the audience rose their hands.

Into It. Over It has an acoustic focus and emo style with every song telling a distinct story. “Connecticut Steps,” for instance is a song Weiss wrote for a friend of his that was murdered.

“Evan is extremely talented, so I was looking forward to the show all semester. His energy and personality on stage were unbelievable. It was by far my favorite show in a while,” said Jane Howell, junior communication studies major and longtime fan.

Weiss interacted with the audience between every song — telling a funny joke or story and explaining the origins of each number. Each story connects the listeners to the music and gives them the sensation that they are getting to know Weiss on a more personal level.

“I’d seen him once before this, and the way he interacts and tells his stories, it was awesome to see on campus and perfect for the intimate atmosphere at the Rat,” said Don Wagenblast, junior elementary education and English double major at the College.

Weiss has been on tour since last July and will continue on for the next few months. His next tour stop is Hamden, Conn.

For more information on Into It. Over It check out the band’s Facebook page or go to



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