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Welcome Week (time of your life)

A majority of freshmen live in Travers and Wolfe Halls, otherwise known as The Towers.

Leaving home for your freshman year of college can be really scary, especially when you’re unsure of what exactly to expect.

Thoughts rushing through your head may be “How am I going to meet new people?” or “What if I don’t fit in?”

And that’s exactly where Welcome Week fits in.

Not only is it really fun and jam-packed with activities like karaoke, get-to-know-you-games and the one and only Play Fair, but it’s also the time when you’ll meet your best friends for the next four years and longer.

“During your first few days of college, you can’t be afraid to open up to new people,” said sophomore economics major Matthew Scapardine. “It may be a little hard at first, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.”

There’s no question that everyone’s least favorite part of Welcome Week is getting woken up at 7 a.m. every morning just for breakfast, but the rest of the day is so much fun. Completely exhausting, but definitely worth it.

Welcome Week is also a great opportunity to find out about what The College, besides academics, has to offer. If you’re interested in joining a club, getting involved in a fraternity or sorority, or studying abroad, Welcome Week offers great info sessions to give you all the details.

For most people, Play Fair is the most exciting part of Welcome Week and also the most anticipated because no one knows exactly what to expect. Basically, Play Fair involves the entire freshman class, and some would describe it as speed dating for friends and it’s definitely a ton of fun!

Although the thought of leaving your family and all your high school friends still might be a little nerve-wracking, one thing an incoming freshman has to know is that, once you’re past all the awkward conversations that consist of  “Where are you from?” “What’s your major?” and “What kind of extra-curricular activities do you do?” you will have met so many of your new best friends.

However, Welcome Week can feel a little like summer camp, and some people may not enjoy it as much as others.

Sophomore biology major Justin Shaffer said, “I didn’t really enjoy Welcome Week all that much. It was a little awkward and at times a little boring. But once you get past all that, you really get to know a bunch of great people.”

For most though, Welcome Week makes the transition into college so much easier and less stressful.

“Welcome Week made me go from dreading college to embracing it. It was the ultimate bonding experience with my floor during the hurricane and with the rest of my class during Play Fair,” said sophomore history and special education major Diane Iannacone. “I wish I could come back for it every year.”

Amy Reynolds
Managing Editor


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