Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Campus Style

Ditch the outdated Halloween costumes — we’ve all seen your rendition of Nicki Minaj 50 times over since 2010.  Your bronzer can only take the cast of “Jersey Shore” so far. Update your look this year with some of these clever costume ideas.

• Kanye and Kim instead of Brad and Angelina

Brangelina’s love has lasted the equivalent to a lifetime in Hollywood, but they’re no longer relevant for the upcoming holiday. Instead, be the tabloid couple of the year. For Kanye, sport some shades and diamonds. The Kardashian half of the duo needs a wig, five-inch heels (at least) and a bodycon dress.

• Dry cleaning characters instead of “Risky Business”

McKayla won’t be impressed by your outdated costumes.

At least 50 girls will be Joel Goodsen, with 40 of them never seeing the movie. Keep the oversized dress shirt, just change the title. Slip a clear dry cleaning bag over your shirt and make a hole for your head and arms. Place a wire hanger over your head and staple a receipt to the bag.

• Donald Draper from “Mad Men” instead of Donald Trump

The comb-over is no doubt a funny and multidimensional hair gag, but it’s time to give Trump’s unfortunate hair situation a break. This year, try out a new Don. Don Draper’s suave business attire is the perfect costume for the fashion conscious man. With slicked back hair and a suit, it’ll be easy to transform into the ’60s heartthrob.

• Jason Russell instead of Charlie Sheen

Instead of portraying Sheen’s meltdown in a bowling shirt while screaming “winning,” try out the latest publicized breakdown: Kony’s Jason Russell. Wear minimal, skin-colored clothing and carry around a Kony 2012 sign.

• Gangnam Style instead of Lady Gaga

Spare your friends from the costume made of meat. Lady Gaga will most likely be a pop legend with or without your Halloween dedication to her. A powder blue suit, a black bowtie and a pair of Ray-Bans will more than suffice for a PSY costume.

• Fab Five Olympians instead of the Spice Girls

Swap English pride for American pride. Have your group of five girls wear tracksuits or leotards topped with gold medals. Be sure one girl has on a permanent scowl.


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