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New Chief Information Officer Jerry Waldron visited Student Government at its weekly meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 17, to review and discuss the College’s recent wireless technology improvements.

“I think we have made quite a bit of progress,” Waldron said, referring the newly wireless buildings.

Waldron also discussed plans to initiate wireless printing in the library and improve the wireless reception for mobile phones.

“Hopefully we will be a little bit green and at the same time, make your lives a little bit easier,” Waldron said.

SG also explored new ways to bring funding to the College.

The Building our Futures campaign was discussed again this week. Members were urged to “tell five to tell five,” spreading the word to voters.

N.J. voters can vote for or against this referendum at the bottom of the November ballot. The referendum, which was clarified in an email sent to students last week, would grant between $22-26 million to the College. The College would allot the funds to improving academic buildings.

“It is definitely going to benefit TCNJ for years to come,” said Kenneth Murphy, senior political science major.

Christina Kopka, senior Spanish and marketing double major and SG executive president, thanked members who attended the Town/Gown meeting. According to Kopka, there were not many town members at the event, but several students came out and showed their support for the College.

SG advisor, Magda Manetas announced the memorial service for Paul Traina, a student who was a junior sociology major when he died suddenly of a brain aneurism in the spring. The service will take place on Friday, Nov. 2 at 3 p.m. in the Spiritual Center.

Following Ryan Alley’s memorial service last week, Manetas mentioned how she hopes this will be the last time the College will have to hold a memorial service for a student. Manetas encouraged SG to attend the service to support his friends and family, while remembering Traina.

“This was a community and he was appreciated in it,” Manetas said.


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