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CondAm to the rescue: New business promotes sexual health

The CondAm delivers condoms to students on campus. (Photo courtesy of Kyle McCabe)

At the College, the three things students are most likely to order after 3 a.m. are Hassan’s pizza, Fat Shack sandwiches and … condoms?

For students craving something other than greasy food after dark, sophomore interactive multimedia major Kyle McCabe created CondAm, the Condom Ambulance.

The premise is simple. Students can go on the CondAm website,, and fill out the order form, giving their on-campus location and choosing how many condoms they wish to purchase (one for $3, two for $5, etc.).  Shortly after ordering, McCabe will personally show up, condoms in tow, to complete the transaction. As his website promises, “Go from kissing, to condoms, to sexy-time in mere seconds!”

With each condom order comes a waiver of liability for customers to sign, drafted by McCabe. Among other things, the waiver protects CondAm from being liable for pregnancy or disease that may occur due to the use of the purchased condom and states that the student purchasing the condom has the consent of his or her partner. In addition, CondAm promises speedy delivery during its normal business hours (Friday – Sunday, 7 p.m. – 3 a.m.) and even discreet delivery, where the condom and waiver are slipped under the student’s door, before 8 p.m. or after 2 a.m.

Kyle McCabe created the CondAm to promote sexual health on campus.

To some this might sound too good to be true, while others might be turned off by the idea of buying condoms from out of a backpack (though it should be noted that the condoms were in a durable container to protect them from getting damaged). McCabe, however, is no shady condom dealer. His goal for the business is not to make money, but to promote sexual health on campus. “I would rather people who were not prepared call me … rather than make a bad decision,” he explained in an interview when asked why he started CondAm.

Currently, McCabe is the only one responsible for delivering the condoms. In fact, other than two web designers, CondAm is basically a one-man operation. McCabe buys the condoms, receives the orders and must be ready to make deliveries at a moment’s notice. In fact, he keeps a stash of condoms in his backpack at all times, putting a new spin on being prepared for class.

It’s hard work, but McCabe is happy to do it if it means that students are having safe sex.

“That’s the reason I started this, not just for making money, for helping people,” McCabe said.

As for the business’s profits, most of it goes right back into CondAm in order to perpetuate the business, although McCabe would like to be able to make enough in the future to donate a bit of the profit to various sexual health foundations.

CondAm is a relatively new venture, but over the past weekend alone McCabe has gotten 15 orders. However, some students seem to be taking issue with his concept.

“I don’t know why the contraceptive thing is even an issue. I’m just trying to help people,” McCabe said after recounting how he recently discovered his posters, which he stressed were approved by the Student Activities, missing from the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building and Eickhoff Hall.

Although McCabe couldn’t be sure who tore down the posters, he speculated that it may have been students who were pro-life supporters. “I’m pro-choice, but I’m not going to go around and tear down the pro-life posters,” he said.


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