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Sandy shifts SG meeting, campaigns to make up lost time

(Lianna Lazur / Staff Photographer)

Hurricane Sandy moved this week’s Student Government meeting from the Student Center to the Internet as most members weathered the storm off campus.

Members of the executive board and committees emailed the agenda to SG members, briefing them on multiple updates, approaching events and new agenda items.

Christina Kopka, SG president and senior Spanish and marketing double major, reported the success of the Building Our Futures Rally, noting the College President Gitenstein and Senate President Sweeney were especially impressed.

To make up for lost campaigning time due to the hurricane, posters promoting the campaign will put up this week.

Sadia Tahir, senior biology and psychology major and vice president for equity and diversity, announced that SG is co-sponsoring the She’s the First tie-dye cupcake sale that will take place from Nov. 12-16. The profits from the sale help sponsor girls’ educations in developing countries.

Students gather for the Building Our Futures rally. (Jamie Primeau / Editor-in-Chief)

A campaign to help students accept on-campus resources is also expected to begin in the last week of November.

The Norm campaign promotes the idea that it is “normal” to take advantage of the Tutoring Center, Career Center, CAPS and other on-campus resources.

Another campaign, which is planned to take off come mid-November, was outlined in the email.

“I am Medium” is a campaign designed to value the diversity on campus and for students to embrace their own diversity.

The campaign “allows students to express themselves as they perceive themselves … It could be … I am white, I am a leader, I am a biology major, I am a friend,” explained Kyle Magliaro, senior marketing major and executive vice president of SG.



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