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Student talent entertains, mixes old and new songs

One student jams out for a lively audience at the Rathskeller.
One student jams out for a lively audience at the Rathskeller.

By Naina Iyengar

The College’s second student band night of the fall semester showcased a medley of talent while easing election night jitters on Tuesday, Nov. 6 in the Rathskeller. Throughout the fun-filled night, audience members clapped along to covers of familiar hits, snacked on delicious goods and expressed their patriotism.

First up was the four-boy band Pretty Finger Nails, who delivered covers of popular Foo Fighters songs such as “Times like These” and “Arlandria.” Each transition between songs involved instrument changes for every member, and all of performances highlighted the diversity of different alternative rock pieces. Band member and sophomore biology major Jake Perlman said, regarding the band’s song-making process, “I like to structure songs in an original way” and cited progressive rock and grunge as the inspirations for their covers. With over 11 years of guitar experience, Perlman has performed at the Music Academy in Toms River, N.J. and Battle of the Bands. When asked about the band’s future, junior mechanical engineering major Brandon Schiff, also a band member, said, “If we have more time, we’ll definitely continue with it.”

Next up was Goodland, who showed their American spirit right away when they arrived decked in red, white and blue attire. Consisting of lead singer Matthew Mance, Brian Green, Erik Marcus, Tom Barr and Josh Lewkowicz, the band performed covers of familiar Weezer songs including their 2005 hit “Beverly Hills.” Although the band was formed merely a week before the event, junior interactive multimedia major Matthew Mance said, “They’re all my best friends, so I’d keep playing.” Mance is a photo assistant for The Signal, has two jobs (including being sound tech at the Rathskeller) and has played guitar since seventh grade.

Last to play was the Dundees, who came in with a bang, covering Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” The trio — made up of juniors Dan Gibson, Matt Layton and Drew Johansen — have already released one album titled Two Songs, One Cut, and is expecting another release this winter.

Junior business major Dan Gibson said that his vision for the band was “just to keep playing shows and recording for as long as possible.” The Dundees alternated between powerful rock and soft acoustics throughout their performance, ending the night on a holiday-theme by playing their own version of Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

The event lived up to the reputation set by the first student band night. Junior interdisciplinary business major Anastasia Ellison, who experienced student band night for the first time, said, “It turned out really well, I’d come to another one.” The upcoming student band nights are sure to harbor the same level of musical talent displayed by the three bands that took the stage.



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