Thursday, June 24, 2021

Campus Style

There are definitely fashion perks to being a girl. There’s an entire Victoria’s Secret line named after one of our favorite colors, dresses and skirts are always encouraged and we can wear lace, frills and tulle without looking like a ballerina princess (most of the time). While I have tried out the romantic girly trend and usually find it quite beautiful, I have to admit, it’s not exactly my cup of tea. For those who can embrace the uber-feminine ensemble, kudos to you.

Studs are one of the hottest trends of the season. (Victoria Moorhouse / Columnist)

Lucky for me, one of the year’s popular trends is a little edgier. I’m talking about studs and spikes. These little embellishments have made their home on bags, shoes, shirt collars and even jewelry. Before you shoo this trend away (like my mother did), take a minute to appreciate what it can do for your closet. Studs and spikes are stereotypically associated with a hardcore rocker-image, but this year stores and designers are lightening up the otherwise daring decoration.If you take a trip to Urban Outfitters, you’ll find studded rings, bracelets and the occasional bodycon dress. Free People (and pretty much any other fashion-forward store) sells adorable loafers and boots with studs and spikes adoring the heels. Because I just can’t enough of these little angels, I picked up a pair of studded loafers from Forever21 and an army green button-up with spiked shoulders from Zara.

To get the trend right without going way overboard with the edginess, remember to always keep it simple. It’s really about playing with balance. Studs and spikes are definitely a bold move, so try to find studded or spiked articles of clothing that still have a girly and classic qualities — think silky shirts with Peter Pan collars or chambray button-ups.

You know that phrase, “You can’t have too much of a good thing?” When it comes to these embellishments, you can. I firmly believe that studs and spikes should not be paired together and trends should never be taken to an extreme. Pick only one of the two.

Remember to sport this style with confidence. Be forewarned, there will be people that find this trend outrageous and trust me, they will probably let you know. But if you stick with the tips above and wear a smile, your critics may soon be asking to borrow your studded treasure.


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