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Campus Town demolition pending state, B&N

Campus Town’s building plans are seen above. The projected view from Metzger Drive is on top, and the view from Pennington Road is on bottom. Photo courtesy of the Department of Communications, Marketing, and Brand Management)

This semester, the College expects to break ground on Campus Town, continue to progress on the Underground Steam and Sanitary Pipe Project, complete renovations to Cromwell Hall, and set up a number of projects for work this summer.

If all goes according to plan, demolition of the area Campus Town is set to occupy will be completed this semester. The developer of the project, PRC Group, has submitted demolition documents to the state for review and approval, according to Matthew Golden, associate vice president for Communications, Marketing, and Brand Management at the College.

PRC’s financing for the project depends on the College’s finalizing of an agreement with Barnes & Noble to have them occupy Campus Town as the anchor store. PRC still projects that Campus Town will be completed and available for occupancy by fall 2014, but it will not be completed for the Special Olympics the preceding summer, according to Golden.

The trenches outside of Centennial Hall and the Power House, resulting from the Underground Steam and Sanitary Pipe Project, have been backfilled. The manhole work near Centennial and Lake Sylva is being finished, but the College is waiting on additional piping to be delivered before it can complete similar work between Norsworthy Hall and the lake, according to Golden. Currently, the College expects all of the new steam piping to be tied into the existing system in May.

Also by the end of May, the Cromwell Hall renovation is expected to be completed. Among other improvements, the College is working on installing copper pipes into new bathrooms and painting the interior walls. The replacement of Cromwell’s roof is 75 percent complete and will be finished in about a month, according to Golden.

In addition, the Brower Student Center’s Roof and Envelope Project is underway and will continue through the summer, during which the skylight will be replaced.

In the summer, modifications will also be made to the air supply ductwork in Packer Hall, while Centennial will receive shower upgrades and Norsworthy will receive window upgrades.

Brendan McGrath


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