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Losing winter weight

Salads are a great way to add veggies to your diet. (AP Photo)

We have just returned to campus after a blissful, stress-free month of home comforts, so it’s understandable if you’ve gained a few pounds. I know that I shamelessly took advantage of my fully stocked refrigerator and meals prepared by mom. I allowed myself to have that third helping at dinner and that extra slice of pie afterwards. I am also certain that I was not the only one.

Don’t fear. Here are several helpful tips to help you lose that unnecessary tummy fat and ultimately make your body that wonderland that John Mayer croons about for the remainder of the winter season.

Set a goal

Nothing is more important than establishing a concrete goal to work toward. Set your eye on the prize and gather up your determination. Decide on a set number of pounds you wish to lose, a realistic number, of course. Oftentimes, people tend to set high goals that logistically just aren’t attainable for the timeframe in which they expect to see results. This then leads to frustration and eventually a loss of motivation. With a realistic goal and a mindset of perseverance, you will succeed.

Never be without your water

Always having water at hand will not only keep you healthy and hydrated, but will also significantly reduce the likelihood of consuming sodas or juices that are filled with unnecessary amounts of sugar. In addition, if you’re thirsty before starting a meal, you’ll overeat. Be sure to drink a glass of water before starting every meal.

Salads are your friends, fast food is your nemesis

If you frequently consume fast foods it is an absolute must that you change your eating habits. These types of food contain large amounts of fat that go straight to the stomach. Instead, opt for a salad, a healthier, yet just as tasty, option. Be creative in the (healthy) items you add to it and it’ll become a favorite meal in no time.

Ab workouts are just part of the solution

In order to lose stomach fat, it’s necessary to engage in a variety of exercises that increase overall health and fitness. Don’t just focus on doing sit-ups and crunches. Be sure to also run, weightlift and the like.

The fantastic five

Instead of eating three large meals a day, switch to eating five smaller meals — breakfast, a mid-morning snack, a light lunch, a mid-afternoon snack and a balanced dinner. Switching up your eating habits will certainly make all the difference. In conjunction with exercise, the two will certainly have you shedding pounds in no time.

Take your time

In order to prevent overeating, eat slowly to allow your stomach to realize when it’s full. Be sure to take breaks between courses for the same reason. Give yourself 20 minutes after the meal to feel full. If you’re not satiated after that, then proceed to have a healthy dessert treat.

By following these helpful guidelines, starting a routine, and sticking to your new habits, you’ll be sure to see results in no time.



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