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MBV’s ’90s Flow

By Raya Brashear-Evans

After their 21-year hiatus, Irish indie rock band My Bloody Valentine finally released their new album, m b v, this past Saturday. If you thought “My Bloody Valentine” was nothing but a low budget slasher film from the ’80s, you should run to your nearest record store and take a listen.


Their last album, Loveless, was released in 1991 and gained relatively positive reviews for its haunting guitar solos, ghostly vocal ranges and ’90s grunge feel. m b v should be renamed Loveless: The Sequel because it picks up right where Loveless left off. Once again, fans are lulled into a trance by Kevin Shields’s melodic vocals and guitar work.

The defining quality that catapulted this band to stardom in ’91 was their ability to create a timeless vacuum that took listeners on an hour-long journey similar to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.
m b v captures the true essence of what My Bloody Valentine is: wonky guitar riffs and moving lyrics. “New You” and “She Found Love” are the must-hear singles on the album.

The only new thing about this release is a change in format: fans can no longer buy a physical copy. My Bloody Valentine exclusively released m b v online.

Physical copy or not, m v b did a phenomenal job at carrying on the legacy My Bloody Valentine worked hard to create.



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