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Alumna’s tunes are a success

Keerthana Krosuri

“Traveling On” is a charming sophomore effort from alumna Danielle Steward. With a folksy, bluegrass feel and a spare and twangy sound, Steward creates a relaxed mood with the six songs of her second EP, recalling long summer drives and sitting around campfires with friends.

The title track, “Traveling On,” is relatively fast-paced compared to the other tracks. It sets the theme of the EP very well, launching into a one-sided discussion with an ex-lover about regrets and moving past their romance.

Alumna Danielle Steward releases her second folk album. (

The lyrics don’t require much work to understand, and the tune is simple and not overly intricate, setting a breezy but thoughtful tone for the remaining songs.

The fifth song on the album, “Moonshine,” is about a difficult romance which isn’t working out. The sweet, melancholy lyrics aren’t groundbreaking, but the nostalgic mood lingers after the song ends.

This song was definitely the best one on the album for me, with the soft, reflective tone suiting the lyrics well and the uncomplicated structure of the song playing off of the clean rhymes of the lyrics.

Overall, “Traveling On,” available free from Steward’s website, is well worth a listen, especially on a quiet night in or on any day that needs a soft, relaxing soundtrack.


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