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Synergy Dance will bring Spring Spectacular; Funding for two Women’s Center events

SFB motioned to fully fund All College Theatre for $3,750 to go toward ROCK, which will provide “Three hours of non-stop laughter for a campus wrought with mid-semester blues,” according to the club.

The event will include performances from visiting college’s improv groups and UCB Touring Company, a professional improvisational association who will also be teaching a two-hour workshop on improvisational comedy.

SFB funds ACT’s improv show. (Janika Berridge / Photo Assistant)

“I think the fact that they bring in groups from other schools is pretty cool,” said Brian Hurler, SFB’s administrative director, during discussion.

SFB’s financial director, Michael Palantone agreed with Hurler.

“I think improv comedy is awesome,” said Palantone, who then proceeded to motion for full funding of the event.

The event will take place on Saturday, March 23 in Kendall Hall at 7 p.m. and will be free to all students.

In addition, SFB funded Synergy Dance Company for $1,240 to be used toward their Synergy Spring Spectacular annual dance recital after a very split vote.

During discussion, SFB heavily deliberated on whether or not to fund new costumes for the team to use during their show. Members argued that Synergy can reuse costumes from previous years and that new costumes wouldn’t benefit the student body as a whole.

However, senior representative Joseph Lacerda argued that $400 was a reasonable amount to ask for and that getting new costumes would better the show in its entirety and, therefore, would benefit the student body as a whole.

The Women’s Center also presented two special appropriation requests that were both fully funded by SFB.

SFB funded the Women’s Center for $1,300 to bring Kim Miller to the College to speak about “Militant Women and Symbolic Violence in South Africa’s Public Sphere” in order to engage students in a discussion on the realities of non-violent activism and the importance of women’s political roles on Wednesday, March 20 at 4 p.m. in the Library Auditorium.

The Women’s Center was also funded for $1,500 to bring Marina Goldovskaya to the College for a two-day event which will include the screening of “A Taste of Freedom, & A Bitter Taste of Freedom” on Wednesday, March 27 at 6 p.m. and “Solovky Power” on Thursday, March 28 at 7 p.m. Both events are free to students and faculty. They will be held in room 115 of the Education Building and will be followed by a discussion.

SFB also tabled a conference request from the New Jersey Christian Fellowship to attend Basileia, a regional conference.

“We’ve learned a lot of instrumental things at this retreat,” said Daniel Balevski, presenting for the club. “We get a lot of great keys and tools in the area of leadership to bring back to the College.”

The presenters for NJCF explained that they’ve brought back ideas including “Here for Home” at the College as well as the Eick Outreach Program that helps serve the workers in Eickhoff Hall.

“I really like what they’re doing,” said senior representative Lacerda. “I think they’re bringing a lot of good things to the College.”

However, SFB policy dictates that they can’t fund students who already went to the conference, so the request was tabled in order to get a new list of prospective members to go.

Finally, the Black Student Union was not funded by SFB to bring A’Lelia Bundles for The Gloria Harper Dickinson Annual Lecture. SFB doesn’t fund departmental events and members agreed with SFB’s Student Government representative C.J. Gutch who said, “I’m getting the feeling that this is really the african american studies department’s event and we’re just footing the bill.”

*Even though SFB agrees to finance certain events, there is no guarantee that these events will take place. The approval only makes the funds available.


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