Friday, June 18, 2021
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• 3D versions of movies are providing a new source of revenue for theaters that were having trouble competing with online streaming. There is some concern, however, that 3D movies are leaving viewers with headaches and nausea and making for an unpleasant movie experience, according to CNBC.

• Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 allows users to scroll through pages by simply moving their eyes and navigate through the phone by gesturing over the screen, never actually touching the phone. The smartphone was released in New York City, the first time Samsung has released a phone in the United States in three years, according to CNBC.

• The demand for labor in China’s factories is rising, and wages are rising with it. While increased wages will create higher net worth for households in China, rising labor costs threaten China’s competitive advantage when it comes to exports, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• The consumer sentiment in early March fell to the lowest level since 2011. Consumers feel uneasy about recent economic policies and current unemployment rates, according to CNBC.

• Facebook is planning on incorporating the hashtag (a pound symbol preceded by a phrase) as a way to sort conversations and posts. The hashtag was made famous by Facebook’s social media rival, Twitter, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• Demand for cotton is rising, especially in China, and prices have reached the highest level in 11 months. The United States is the largest exporter of cotton in the world, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• Boeing released its planned fixes for the 787 Dreamliner that has been grounded since January. The fixes, better insulation of the battery and gentler charging will be finished with testing in one to two weeks, according to the Wall Street Journal.


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