Thursday, June 17, 2021
Home News ‘Django’ undergoes edits / McDonald’s redefines ‘Happy Meal’

‘Django’ undergoes edits / McDonald’s redefines ‘Happy Meal’

• Fast food giant, McDonald’s, is encouraging franchises to improve staffing and promote more welcoming and joyful service to costumers. The push comes following declining sales and large numbers of complaints about rude employees, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• Chinese movie theaters are soon expected to show the long awaited “Django Unchained.” The movie must first undergo editing to fit in with restrictions about nudity and violence set by Chinese censorship, according to the New York Times.

• Sales of personal desktop computers and laptops fell 14 percent this past quarter, the largest decline since tracking of computer sales began in 1994. The decline is being blamed on the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• Moms that graduated from the most selective universities, such as Harvard and Princeton, choose to work less hours and are less likely to be employed full time than moms who attended the least selective universities. Of the moms from top universities, those with MBAs become stay-at-home moms most frequently, according to CNBC.

• Consumers in India, eager to enter the world of smartphones, are buying cheaper, locally produced phones rather than the more expensive options from Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., according to Bloomberg.

• WD-40, a staple in most American garages, didn’t suffer when most of American companies were experiencing heavy losses in the financial crisis. The company is now hoping to expand into other countries where they feel the demand would be high, such as China and Russia, according to CNBC.

• TCNJ Economics Club will be hosting N.J. Commissioner of Labor, Hal Wirths, on Wednesday, April 24 at 3:30 p.m. in the Business Building. He will be speaking about creating jobs in New Jersey, major businesses in the state, and working in the Christie Administration. Lunch will be served.



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