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Chinese food favorite stays ‘Number 1’

If you’re going to order Chinese food — which is likely now that finals are almost here — I recommend choosing No. 1 China.

Sure, categorizing itself as number one seems a bit egotistical, but it’s actually an accurate name. Even though I was initially skeptical about its superiority, I’ve found that No. 1 China trumps other Chinese restaurants in the area.

No. 1 China’s chicken and broccoli meal is a cheap and easy satisfier during the spring semester rush of finals and essays. (Jamie Primeau / Former EIC)

Before talking about my most recent dining experience, I must confess that my roommate and I order No. 1 China far too frequently. It’s just so delicious and such a bargain that we can’t help it.

For under $10, you get a filling meal that will likely lead to leftovers. (OK, who am I kidding? You’ll probably wind up eating most of it in one sitting. But I won’t judge you, because that’s happened to me, too.)

No. 1 China may not have the speediest delivery service, but it’s worth the wait. It tends to take around an hour, and if you’re lucky, sometimes it comes within a half hour. When I ordered it on Sunday, it took 50 minutes to arrive.

Chicken and broccoli is my go-to meal. For an extra dollar, you can have it served with lo mein instead of rice, which I definitely recommend. The fried rice is also good, but the lo mein tastes so much better.

I usually order it as a combination platter, which comes with a can of soda and an egg roll. Personally I’m not a fan of soda or egg rolls, but I appreciate the gesture. My housemates, who eat the egg rolls, have said they’re pretty good.

No. 1 China also has great options if you’re a vegetarian. My roommate always gets the mixed vegetables with garlic sauce. It’s spicy and includes tofu, which she loves. It comes served with a side of white rice.

Of course, no order is complete without a fortune cookie! It’s my favorite part of the meal.

Give No. 1 China a try and decide for yourself if it’s really the best. It can be a great study fuel to help you survive the rest of the semester!


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