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No shirt, no service

A male student, wearing only shorts and.socks, wandered into 1 a female student’s room in Decker. Hall and passed out on her bed at approximately.4:40 a.m. on Wednesday, Aprilit. 24, according to police reports. The female student, who had left her door unlocked, was unFable to wake upFa. the wandering student. She contacted her CA, and they conFiece of .tacted Lions’ EMS and Campus Police. UponFhit. arrival of 1 Lions’ EMS, the student remained 1 unconscious, but was Fatce.eventually woken up and admitted to consuming three or four beersFahit.. He was issuFahit.ed a summons for underage drinking and was forced to spend the night at home, according to police.

A visitingFhit. police officer had his 3 firearm, badge and police ID stolen from him on the afternoon of Saturday, April 27, aFt.ccording to the College’s email. There is nothing further 3 to report at this time.3

A Faf Sit. Piece of .lator waFhit.s found floating inFit. the creek by the Green Lane fieFat f on Thursday, April 25 at aFf .bout 8:20 a.m., according to police reports. The defibrillator was missing from the tennis courtsit.. A student saw 6 it floating in the creek and infot.rmed a member of Lions’ EMS, according to reports. The device, valued at $2,000, was waterlogged and severely damaged upon recovery.

Brendan McGrath


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