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College is valued in Princeton Review

By Jonathan Machlin

The Princeton Review gave praise to the College.

The College was ranked among the top colleges in the United States in The Princeton Review’s annual guide to the best colleges. In a guide that listed fewer than 20 percent of the nation’s four-year colleges, the College was among those listed in The Princeton Review’s “378 Best Colleges, 2014 Edition.”

According to a recent news release from the College’s website, The Princeton Review’s guidebook uses detailed profiles and ratings of each college, taken from over 100,000 surveys and interviews from students and faculty, which extensively review colleges’ academics, affordability and extracurricular activities, among other things.

The news release also noted several outstanding comments from anonymous students at the College who were interviewed and featured in the book.

“The College of New Jersey is a community unlike any I have ever been a part of; everyone is proud to be a part of it and to contribute to the TCNJ culture,” one student stated.

“The campus is gorgeous, the students are friendly, and you can’t beat the price,” another student said.

In addition, The Princeton Review also included a “Survey Says” sidebar which compiled notable survey answers from interviewed students. Among the most popular answers, students said the College has “a great library,” “students are friendly,” “lab facilities are great” and the “school is well run.”

Assistant director of admissions Kevin Fay says the College’s presence in the book is a positive for bringing in prospective students.

“(Being on) any of these lists is a good way for prospective students to put TCNJ in a contest with some of the most competitive schools in the country. In at least the initial stage (of the college search) students will rely on this information to help narrow down their schools. This list at least puts us in the contest against many other schools.”

Reactions from students on the College being featured in The Princeton Review have been very positive.

Senior communication studies major Lauren Piccarelli was proud yet unsurprised.

“It never surprises me when the College is ranked well among the nation’s best institutes for higher education,” Piccarelli said. “Our college offers an Ivy League education at a public college price. As a senior about to graduate, I can honestly say that the College has equipped me with the skill-set necessary to succeed in all of my future professional endeavors.”


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