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J-Law’s Style on a Budget

By Raquel Roberts and Samantha Roberts

Last year was a triumph in the fashion world, with an eclectic variety of trends, such as graphic leggings, a frenzy of fringe and anything peplum. With the rapidly-changing trends of 2013, we were grateful that one aspect of the fashion world was constant: the impeccable style of Jennifer Lawrence.

In an industry where celebrities are often clones of one another, Hollywood “it girl” Jennifer Lawrence is a breath of fresh air.

J-Law has been commended by other celebs for always keeping it real, and this carefree attitude is echoed throughout her street-style. Simply put, Lawrence’s style is easygoing and simple, yet edgy and versatile. For this reason, we completely adore her fashion selections (plus, we totally love her bad-ass nature and her effortless ability to shoot arrows).

 Because Lawrence’s style is both casual and fashion forward, it is easy for fans to emulate her fashion choices. Below, we compiled a few of our favorite J. Law looks from the past year, so keep reading to find out how to dress like Hollywood’s sweetheart.

We love this look because it is edgy but also really casual. Maxi skirts are easy to wear, and we definitely agree that a black maxi skirt is a staple piece that everyone should own. Lawrence chooses to keep the skirt casual with a black blazer and fedora. To spice up her look, you can swap out her blazer with a printed one. You can also add a statement necklace to really add flair.

We love rompers because they are playful and SO easy to wear. Lawrence paired a simple white romper with a sleek leather jacket and her favorite pair of raybans. Amp up J. Law’s look by trading in her plain romper for a printed one. Add a faux leather jacket, a simple black fedora, and your favorite pair of sunglasses for a wallet-friendly, yet trendy look.

Lawrence perfectly paired her sexy orange dress with metallic gold shoes, a black clutch and other gold accessories. We love this look, but to add a little extra flair to her already stylish outfit, we would add a statement necklace.

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