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The Elephant in the Room: All created equal?

By Meghan Chrobock

We all know the famous phrases: “America the home of the free and the brave” and “all men are created equal.”

There more men than women in politics.  (AP Photo)
There more men than women in politics. (AP Photo)

If I were a male chauvinist, I would definitely start off by saying that Thomas Jefferson did not mean women when he wrote the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. But then again, I am not a male chauvinist; I am simply a girl with some views about equality in the United States.

No matter the race, gender or religion you practice, an individual should have the same rights and opportunities. Yet despite all of those historic events scholars say displayed and helped provide equality to all, we still have a long road ahead of us.

For instance, say I was chilling in Iceland (not as cold as Greenland). I would have a better chance of equality as a woman than I do in the United States. Say what? Iceland has a woman president?

I contest that if we in the United States are so equal, why did it take so long for a president of color? Also, where are the women leading our country as the head of the executive branch? In the United States, women hold just 98 out of 535 seats in Congress. That is a long average compared to countries such Cuba and Nicaragua.

The bottom line? The people in charge of electing more women into government are “we the people.” We live in a democracy with voting rights. This means if you see a chance to change your district/local election, then do it! Go vote! Even though elections have come to pass this year, the next round of elections is not too far, so get out!



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