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Music recital embraces student achievement

Caitlin Filauro

A group of extraordinary student musicians showcased their abilities on Wednesday, Feb. 19, at Mayo Concert Hall for the Embracing Student Achievement recital series.

Winch wows the audience with the trombone. (Courtney Wirths / Photo Editor)
Winch wows the audience with the trombone. (Courtney Wirths / Photo Editor)

The concert opened with freshman music education major and soprano Suzanne Parker performing “In Uomini, in soldati” from “Cosi fan tutte,” composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

“I’ve been singing since I was 10 and am always excited for a performance,” Parker said.

Although only a freshman, Parker’s booming voice projected stunningly throughout the concert hall and set the bar for what would be a fantastic show.

The next act featured Paul Winch on the trombone, playing a dark and slightly ominous piece, which contrasted nicely with a light and playful flute performance by Alexander Mason that followed.

After two purely instrumental performances, Nicole Myers dazzled the audience by performing “If Music be the Food of Love” by Henry Purcell. The piece was entertaining and a delightful change of pace.

The show closed with back-to-back pianists Cristina Villagomez and Yi Jessica Wang. The speedy and rapid pace of the pieces ended the show abruptly but left the audience satisfied.

The contrast in the different instruments played and pieces performed made the recital series such an accomplishment. The concert had pieces and performances ranging from dark and heavy to light and uplifting.

During the concert the audience was in awe of the musically outstanding students.

Freshman open options major Elizabeth Shea shared her thoughts on the recital.

“I honestly didn’t realize we had kids who were that talented here,” Shea said. “I figured I would hear a lot of the same stuff but everything was so different. It was truly amazing.”


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