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The Senior Spring Playlist

By Kelly Weber

Well, Class of 2014, it’s finally upon us. Our Senior Spring. Our last hurrah for our time at our dear CONJ. Our last Rat beer, our last hour (if you’re lucky) spent waiting in the salad line at the Stud and our last Fat Shack sandwich. While many of us are understandably hesitant to discuss (or think about … or plan for …) the dreaded G-word, let’s take a look at a few songs that will forever remind us of our last few months in beautiful Ewing, N.J.

“When I Grow Up,” The Pussycat Dolls

Like I said before, G-wording brings out a lot of feelings (read: anxiety) in all of us. Some of us have been obsessively applying for jobs or graduate schools. We’ve been spending our time refreshing our emails and checking our phones, waiting for someone with power to (finally) contact us and inform us that yes, we do have a future!

Others have not planned for life after the last Eick meal. Job search? Not right now. Grad school? Eh, maybe in a couple of years. Either way, Senior Spring is a time to make decisions for your future (do you want to be a star and have groupies or follow a more traditional route?) and make moves to get there, as tough as it may be. Need that last Rat beer yet?

“The Lazy Song,” Bruno Mars

As someone currently enjoying her Senior Spring, the line “today I don’t feel like doing anything” really speaks to me. I thought I had senioritis in high school, but college takes it to a whole new level. Not only are classes seemingly IMPOSSIBLE (how did I get out of bed for 8:30s for all of these years?!) but even going out and socializing seems like just …Too. Much. Effort. Having to get ready and wait in line at Rho? No thanks, “I just wanna lay in my bed.” (With Netflix, of course.)

“Timber,” Pitbull feat. Ke$ha

You all knew this jam could NOT be left off the list. Class of 2014, this one is our last real party anthem of our undergraduate career. Years from now, when you’re old and gray, “Timber” will come on some oldies station and you’ll be instantly transported to a frat basement or the Rho dance floor. If you can manage to turn off your Netflix and exit your bed for one more party, have one last wild night with this playing in the background.

“Joy to the World,” Three Dog Night

Speaking of oldies. But be honest, as much as we all love our beloved Conj, most of us are at least a LITTLE excited to graduate. We came to TCNJ in the first place because we’re smart and motivated, so we definitely have some pretty cool things ahead of us! (Whether we’re ready to talk about them, or actually accomplish them yet, is a different story.) Plus, isn’t it a LITTLE exciting to think of a world outside of Ewing? And to know you’ll never be forced to eat another Eick meal again? (Although we may need therapy to cope with leaving the cookies…)

“Graduation,” Vitamin C

Cliche? Perhaps. But all you ’90s kids knew we weren’t having a graduation-themed playlist without including this classic. You also know you’ll shed a tear when you hear this gem on G-day.


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