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Improved site for schedule

A new website created to help students plan their course schedules was presented to Student Government at the general body meeting on Wednesday, March 19.

The site,, gives students a quick and easy way to access course trackers for every major offered at the College.

“We were trying to think of ways to promote different advising tools that are available for students,” Vice President of Academic Affairs Adam Bonanno said.

Users can select their school of study on the lefthand side of the page and then click on their major to download their course tracker directly to their computer.

“Students often take liberal learning classes that are redundant with courses they are already taking with their major,” Bonanno said. “So we are hoping to help eliminate that with this website.”

After the presentation, Nhi Lam was awarded Senator of the Month.

Lam, a Senator of Engineering, was described as “always volunteering and helping out.”

Later on in the meeting, Vice President of Equity and Diversity Sadia Tahir told members about “What I Be.” The project, which is co-sponsored by Circle of Compassion, runs from Sunday, March 23, to Friday, March 28.

“Photographer Steve Rosenfield is coming to campus to talk about insecurities,” Tahir said. “Then he’s going to write your insecurity on your body and take a photograph of you.”

To learn more information or sign up to participate in “What I Be,” visit the event page on Facebook.


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