September 23, 2020

Long-awaited improvements to PEC arriving

March 25, 2014 Peter Fiorilla 0

Long derided by students as a soft spot on an otherwise rock-solid campus experience, the Physical Enhancement Center is finally being supplied with much-needed funding this semester to combat the problems that have kept students away over the years. […]

Creating a history to identify

March 25, 2014 Signal Contributor 0

Lauren Cronk Correspondent Gay marriage is no recent phenomenon, according to Lillian Faderman. As a Women’s History Month guest speaker and a scholar of lesbian history and literature, Faderman spoke on Wednesday, March 19, on […]

‘Bates Motel’ living up to the classic ‘Psycho’

March 25, 2014 Brett Sanders 0

Horror is a funny concept. We as a society are sickened by the real examples of trepidation, yet find such pleasure in fictitious connotations of the subject in the media. “Bates Motel,” now in its second season televised on A&E, certainly meets the expectations our society holds with respect to bone-chilling entertainment. […]

Recital showcases passionate flute playing

March 25, 2014 Signal Contributor 0

People say hidden gems are found in the most unexpected places. It turned out to be true on Tuesday, March 18, at the College.

When people walked into Mayo Concert Hall on Tuesday for a flute choir, a spectacular performance was not something on their minds. But with the swift hand motion of the director signaling the start of the performance, every expectation was torn down. […]

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