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Twitter plans music strategy

• Regulators are demanding changes in the agriculture industry. The Obama administration called for regulatory agencies to increase limitations on methane emissions. The agriculture industry accounts for 36 percent of all methane released. In a separate movement, the FDA has asked for a reduction in the use of powerful antibiotics for farm animals. The movement’s purpose is to hinder the growth of dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria in livestock such as pigs and cattle.

• While revenue from box-office sales rose again this year, the number of tickets purchased is shrinking. The increase in sales is due solely to higher ticket prices. Theater owners, in collaboration with movie chains and studios, have an experimental plan to increase theater traffic with discounted tickets on a specific day of the week. The discount would be greater than the typical matinee discount and would be offered all day long.

• Though ticket prices are high, Paramount Picture’s “Noah” had no trouble pulling in viewers this past weekend. The dramatic retelling of the classis Genesis story grossed $44 million, beating out initial estimates. The film has received attention for its nonconventional take on the biblical tale. Due to certain liberties taken by director Darren Aronofsky, there has been continued discomfort within the religious community and lead to a lack of support from conservative groups.

• It’s been a week since Twitter pulled its less than successful music app from Apple’s App Store. Now, the social-media giant is bringing out a new music strategy. The company now plans to partner with music services such as SoundCloud and Beats Music to create a streaming element, while Twitter is also in talks with Billboard to create charts that report the most-talked-about tracks and artists on Twitter at the moment.

All information from the Wall Street Journal.


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