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Lions’ Playlist: Are you there, Spring?

By Susan Pereny

This playlist brings to mind that first day you need sunglasses or can go without a jacket. Maybe if we all play this playlist enough, the weather gods will favor us by remembering it’s April and giving us spring.

These songs are ideal for driving with the windows down, wearing a hoodie with shorts and having that glorious first-of-the-season ice cream.

Animal Collective- “My Girls”

This song, with its dazzling synthesized sounds and its steadily growing strength, reminds me of that first burst of spring: it starts out mild and by the end is clamoring with bright. Some parts even sound like birdsong.

Discovery- “So Insane”

This song is surprisingly danceable despite its many pauses. Discovery is a sort of pet project composed of one member of Ra Ra Riot and one from Vampire Weekend. The result is this futurepop electronic fun experiment.

Discovery- “Swing Tree”

Discovery is so bright and cheery, I might as well include another song of theirs for Spring. The title refers to a tree, so it’s relevant. Plus, the lyrics remind us of this beautiful season:

“When I hear that wind/
and I think of Spring/
Underneath an open window…”

The Guillemots- “Annie, Let’s Not Wait”

This storyline-song is pretty outdoorsy. There’s a field of corn, a river and even a fishing line.  “Annie, Let’s Not Wait” is a perfect song to welcome the sun.

BUT WAIT. It wouldn’t be spring without a rainy April, would it?  Here are songs for those rainy days.

Travis- “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?”

Yeah, this song is a freebie. Self-explanatory.

Chromeo- “J’ai claqué la porte”

This song is almost as mesmerizing as listening to the rainfall on a roof. It’s also quiet and understated like a drizzly, cloudy day.

Death Cab for Cutie- “Grapevine Fires”

The lyrics may at times be devastating, but they’re delivered in such a soothing tone that you can’t help but be a little calmed down by this song.

“Northern Downpour”- Panic! at the Disco

Hey Panic, see you April 15!


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