Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Google reaches outerspace

• Google has been expanding into the sky, agreeing to buy Titan Aerospace, a small company specializing in the production of high-altitude drones. The drones are solar-powered and are expected to fly without stopping for several years. The drones will likely be used to bring Internet access to areas of the world without cell phone service or telephone wires, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• The Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Prosecuters are allegedly investigating Harbalife Ltd. The company is also currently in the midst of a civil investigation by the Federal Trade Commission. The commission looks into potential unfair or deceptive trade practices, according to the Wall Street Journal 

• Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential Candidate in 2008, is coming back on TV. She won’t be participating in political debates or interviews, however. She is launching a new reality series on the Sportsman Channel called “Amazing America,” featuring interesting adventures and tales taking place in the great outdoors, as she refers to it, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• Twitter currently has 974 registered accounts and while that’s a tremendous number of users, a new report shows that only 44 percent of those accounts have ever sent a tweet. The social media giant argued that one does not have to tweet to find twitter useful (they can just read others’ tweets), but Twitter’s ad revenue is largely driven by user participation via tweets, favorites and retweets, according to the Wall Street Journal. 


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