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Lions Playlist: The finals week playlist

By Susan Pereny

It seems like I was just writing a playlist for the beginning of the semester, but somehow this time is already upon us.  With the end of the year approaching, I feel as though I still have some unanswered questions about my classes.  For example, why are you assigning a huge paper and having a final too?  Do you enjoy watching me suffer?  The only thing good about finals are the reading days.  Or reading day since there’s really only Friday.  Thanks school!

Here are some songs to help you get through the worst time of the semester:

The Ark- “One of Us Is Gonna Die Young”

Seriously, either this essay is going to be really great and I’ll be dead, or it will be mediocre and I get to live the rest of my life.

The Beatles- “I’m So Tired”

Enough said.

Buddy Holly- “Everyday”

For when you need a song to cheer you up and remind you that this isn’t forever.  Buddy Holly soothes with this sunny song.

Bright Eyes- “Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and Be Loved)”

Let’s remember that we WILL get through this miserable week.  Also, bonus — this song makes fun of tests.

Cake- “I Will Survive”

And you will!  This sexy cover of the famous Gloria Gaynor hit packs a little more punch than the original, with some alterations to the lyrics such as “I should have changed my fucking lock.”

Elvis Costello – “Wave a White Flag”

You may feel like waving a white flag, but don’t.  Like we already decided, you will survive!  Warning: this song is focused on domestic abuse.

Fun. – “It Gets Better”

“This is really happening / you never looked so bored.”  Yes, the final is actually in front of you, but no, you don’t really feel like writing all of those essays…Don’t worry, it gets better.

Kid Cudi & Kanye West- “Erase Me”

PSA: Remember if you’re second guessing yourself regarding an answer on a test, your gut is usually correct.  Don’t erase! Or should you?

Billy Joel- “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”

You did it and now you’re leaving!  My condolences if you’re one of the people such as myself doomed to have two finals the day of move out.


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