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Promoting confidence with Kappa Delta

By Olivia Rizzo
Staff Writer

In today’s world of airbrushed super models and Photoshopped advertisements, it can be hard for students to view themselves in a positive light. Kappa Delta is hoping to make self-confidence a little easier by hosting Confidence Month throughout September.

“The Confidence Coalition is a national movement that Kappa Delta sorority created in 2009 (seeking) to promote confidence in young girls and women,” said Natalia Zak, junior biology major and KD vice president of public relations. “By promoting confidence, Kappa Delta is hoping to inspire girls to reach their full potential and make their dreams a reality.”

Kappa Delta learns to step with confidence with the TCNJ Step Team. (Photo courtesy of Brittany Sangastiano)
Kappa Delta learns to step with confidence with the TCNJ Step Team. (Photo courtesy of Brittany Sangastiano)

According to Zak, they especially wanted to inspire girls on campus to realize their confidence.

“We, as Kappa Delta TCNJ, wanted to promote confidence on our campus throughout the month of September which is International Girls Friendship Month,” Zak said.

As a result, Kappa Delta is hosting a series of events and activities this month in order to help students at the College boost their confidence just a little bit more. So far, the sorority has hosted a week-long Ed’s Creamery fundraiser in order to support a fellow sister’s relative who had passed away from ALS.

Sisters of Kappa Delta have also helped spread smiles and cheer through their “You Make Me Smile” Campaign, in which students walking into the Brower Student Center were given balloons with various positive and inspirational messages written on them.

“One of the things I liked the most was that you really got to see how you brightened peoples’ days,” junior communication studies major Brittany Sangastiano said. “Putting a little pep in peoples’ step was really rewarding.”

Kappa Delta also hosted “Step With Confidence” on Wednesday, Sept. 17, teaming up with the sisters of the College’s Step Team. Zak stated that the event’s goal was to promote confidence by learning how to step.

“The events that we are putting on are just to get you out of your comfort zone a little bit,” junior psychology major Terri Evagelou said. “You get to learn something new when you are outside of your comfort zone, and I think that increases confidence.”

Kappa Delta’s last event for the month, “Friendship Photo Booth,” will be taking place on Monday, Sept. 29, outside the Student Center. There, students can take pictures with various props and celebrate friendship.

“My goal for Confidence Month is really just (to promote) positivity and confidence throughout the campus,” Zak said. “It’s important to realize that one kind word can end up changing someone’s entire life. We, as Kappa Delta TCNJ, want to spread that message around campus.”

Sangastiano also said she felt this project was something that everyone could connect with.

“Everyone does struggle with confidence,” she said. “It just makes everyone feel better about themselves knowing they are not alone.”

And for Evagelou, Confidence Month has taught her a lot about finding herself and hopes it can help other as well.

“Be comfortable in your own skin,” she said. “Know who you are, and stay true to yourself.”


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