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Davidson high on laughs in Kendall Hall

By Colleen Murphy
News Editor

Two comics — Ricky Velez, one of “Comedy Central’s” Comics to Watch, and Pete Davidson, “Saturday Night Live”’s resident young person — performed at Kendall Hall on Thursday, Nov. 6, showcasing their respective talents at being hilariously crass.

Velez, a 25-year-old from Queens, N.Y., opened strongly for Davidson, starting off by explaining why he hates Europe so much.

First, he said, the people of Norway are just too good looking. Second, the people of Spain don’t try to rob people the right way.

Velez opens the show with his humorous spirit. (Kyle Bennion / Photo Editor)
Velez opens the show with his humorous spirit. (Kyle Bennion / Photo Editor)

Instead of holding you at gunpoint and demanding cash like people would do back in his borough, the gypsies of Spain will throw a plastic baby at you, hoping you’ll go to catch it, thus leaving your hands free long enough for them to take your belongings.

Velez said he wouldn’t fall for that. No, he’d chest bump that plastic baby to the floor.

Next up was Davidson, a native of Staten Island, or as he likes to call it, “New York’s abortion that lived.”

The soon-to-be 21-year-old told stories about his first semester in college. He expressed his hatred for “Frozen” and told the audience why Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Rachel McAdams all “infuriate him.”

Davidson also read from his phone some random ideas he got before the show, including making a “Huncle” magazine — a magazine for hot uncles.

After the show, some audience members tweeted their disapproval of his many of Davidson’s jokes, especially those he made about mental disabilities and those which degraded women. But he warned the crowd early on into his act that that is exactly what they should expect from him.

Davidson stresses the importance of ignoring comparisons. (Kyle Bennion / Photo Editor)
Davidson stresses the importance of ignoring comparisons. (Kyle Bennion / Photo Editor)

“I don’t do political humor. I’m your age. I’m not smart. I make fart, dick and pussy jokes. Get on the ride now,” he said

In an interview with Velez and Davidson after the show, Davidson said the advice he’d give to an aspiring comedian is to simply “do it.”

“Do what you think is funny, don’t do what you think other people think is funny,” Davidson said.

Velez also said that upcoming comedians should try and enjoy the process.

“It’s really hard to enjoy because you don’t see money for a long time, like it can get frustrating, but enjoy those broke times because those are some of the most fun,” Velez said.

Both comedians agreed that growing up in New York City helped shape their comedy.

“I think growing up in New York, you snap on each other, like they make fun of each other all the time,” Davidson said. “I think that’s why a lot of comedy is from New York, because everybody grows up with that snapping on each other.”

Davidson, who grew up watching “SNL,” is now the fourth youngest cast member the show has ever had and said he feels an accompanying pressure.

“Comparisons always freak me out because they’re like, ‘You’re the youngest since this’ and I’m like, ‘That guy’s so amazing, and I just talked about my dick.’ So it’s crazy, but I try not to think about it,” he said.

There were no comparisons to worry about during his visit to the College, though. Both New Yorkers showed off their different, fresh styles of stand-up that made for a laugh-out-loud night.

Colleen Murphy


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