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The Hollyword: ‘Jurassic World’ bites

By Johnanthony Alaimo

Last week, a new trailer made its premiere featuring terrifying genetic mutations, people playing God, reptilian skin and immense danger. No, it’s not a teaser for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” It’s the trailer for the upcoming fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, “Jurassic World.”

The snippet, which is just over two minutes long, features some long time favorites such as the fearsome velociraptors and majestic brontosauruses, but some new monsters as well, such as a large aquatic dinosaur which eats a great white shark in one bite. I haven’t seen appetites like that since watching the now-canceled “Honey Boo-Boo.”

This time around, it seems science has (shockingly) gone a little too far and developed a new “hybrid” dinosaur which, of course, escapes while people are in the park, leaving everyone responsible for the disaster standing around in disbelief wondering, “How could this have happened?” Well, for starters, you purposefully created a giant demon lizard with razor-sharp teeth, and for shits and giggles, made it incredibly intelligent. But who’s pointing fingers (claws?) here. The movie stars Chris Pratt, who has quickly become one of Hollywood’s leading men. “Jurassic Parks and Recreation” comes to theaters this summer.

While returning to the Jurassic period may be a little too nostalgic for some (like for Madonna), how about looking back 10 years ago when Lizzie McGuire went off the air? Time sure does fly when you’re not watching the sexual tension between Gordo and Lizzie. In a recent interview, Hilary Duff was asked what she thought Lizzie would be up to today. Turns out, according to Duff, she’d still be wearing butterfly clips in her hair. Some things never change. Apparently she’d also not be married to Gordo and be a part of the “office grind.” You know, now that you mention it, Dunder-Mifflin could have used more Lizzie. Lizzie Halpert anyone?

But if you like your TV shows the way they are and like your family to be at least an entire house floor away from you, then maybe Netflix is your destination this holiday season. For December 2014, the online streaming service has released new titles for your enjoyment and gluttony. Classic films such as “American Beauty” will be added along with more recent favorites such as “Anchorman 2,” “Sharknado 2,” “The Wolf of Wall Street”  and whatever “Jewtopia” is (I looked “Jewtopia” up and apparently it’s a 2012 Jennifer Love-Hewitt romcom. I screamed).

Movies like ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ will be available on Netflix in December. (AP Photo)
Movies like ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ will be available on Netflix in December. (AP Photo)

But if binge-watching TV shows is more your thing, “American Horror story: Coven” will hit Netflix as well. Watch Kathy Bates be a racist and Jessica Lange chain-smoke for as long as you want. It beats watching a yule log.



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