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Despite snow, Tiny Moving Parts rock the Rat

Kimberly Ilkowski
Features Editor

A snowstorm paired with car troubles couldn’t stop CUBRat and WTSR’s overflowing, co-sponsored show featuring local alternative acts American Lions and In Writing, as well as lovable Minnesota natives Tiny Moving Parts on Friday, March 6, at the Rathskeller.

A last-minute flat tire from Tiny Moving Parts’ tourmates Runaway Brother left an open spot on the bill that American Lions luckily filled the morning of the event.

Comprised of Justin Calaycay on guitar, Joshua Claps on vocals and bass, James Bauman on guitar and Pat Moran on drums, the band started the night with a literal bang, lurching right into a high-powered set of Claps’ shouts and Moran’s clashing cymbals.

American Lions arrive as a last-minute replacement for Runaway Brother. (Kimberly Ilkowski / Features Editor)
American Lions arrive as a last-minute replacement for Runaway Brother. (Kimberly Ilkowski / Features Editor)

The band played songs off their summer 2014 EP “Peru” such as “Drifter,” “Bed Bugs” and “Camden Aquarium” — allegedly inspired by an ex-girlfriend — along with a handful of yet-to-be titled tracks.

On Tuesday, Feb. 24, their EP “Soft” was released which showcases a shift in the band’s sound and a heightened maturity.

“This is way more laid back,” Moran said. “The vocals aren’t as intense as they have been in the past.”

This week, the band completed another EP, currently untitled, at The Panda Studios in Fremont, Calif.

“We recorded our first EP there, too,” Moran said. “The vibes (in California) are awesome. Everyone is so welcoming and very friendly.”

The New Brunswick-based band is a regular in the local basement scene, often playing The Candy Barrel, Paradise Lost and The Banana Stand.

Following American Lions, In Writing took the stage to present their personal brand of genre-bending music.

Led by vocalist and guitarist Jonathan Arocho, bassist Angel Gonzalez, guitarist Toni Pennello and drummer Conor Mckeown, the emo quartet out of Pocono Summit, Pa. delivered an impressive set to the many close friends and family members that were in attendance.

The band performed many tracks off their summer 2013 EP “Tabula Rasa” like “Lighthouse Portrait,” “Sunny Side” and “Rusting,” which made people leave their seats and flock to the front of the stage.

In Writing has been quite active this year, playing a string of shows throughout the first months of 2015 and hoping to start recording an EP in late spring with a possible summer tour to follow.

The night’s main performers, Tiny Moving Parts, were broadcasted live on WTSR for listeners across the state to discover and enjoy.

Frontman Dylan Mattheisen shredded on his guitar so fast it looked like his hands weren’t even touching the strings. Brothers Matthew and Billy Chevalier maintained the same energy on bass and drums, respectively.

Tiny Moving Parts frontman Mattheisen displays expert guitar skills. (Kimberly Ilkowski / Features Editor)
Tiny Moving Parts frontman Mattheisen displays expert guitar skills. (Kimberly Ilkowski / Features Editor)

The guys jammed through a set of songs from many different periods in the band’s history, starting with “Always Focused” off their most recent release, 2014’s “Pleasant Living” full-length.

Hailing from Benson, Minn., the indie trio went on to play “Vacation Bible School” and “Grayscale” off the 2013 full-length release “The Couch Is Long & Full of Friendship” and “Fair Trade” from their “Split” EP with Old Gray.

The band finished their set with the song “Dakota,” which immediately packed a punch with the opening line, “I have never been so scared and sad at the same time.”

Tiny Moving Parts was on tour last month with You Blew It! and Rozwell Kid, playing a show nearly every night.

“We love what we do,” Mattheisen said. “We feel more at home on the road than we do at our actual homes.”

Later this month, Tiny Moving Parts will hit the road again, this time with beloved Philly emos Modern Baseball and melodic indie rockers Into It Over It for a tour across Europe.

“We’re sharing a van with Modern Baseball, and they’re really taking us under their wing,” Mattheisen said.

Aside from the excitement of traveling to new places and being able to share their music with a whole new audience, Mattheisen said the band is also ready to celebrate its culture.

“We’ll be in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day,” Mattheisen said. “Our families are Irish, and we’re so stoked.”



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