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Bias response team to make a more inclusive campus

By Alyssa Sanford
News Assistant

In light of upcoming Student Government elections, prospective members and elected-position hopefuls sat in on the Wednesday, April 15, general body meeting.

According to Alternate Student Trustee Kevin Kim, who plays a role in organizing SG elections, candidates for various positions can start campaigning as early as Wednesday, April 15, at 5 p.m.

“Everything’s fair game after five o’clock,” Kim said in reference to the start of campaign season.

Student Government elections will be held on Tuesday, April 28. Newly elected officials will be sworn in on Wednesday, May 6, which is SG’s final meeting of the semester.

President Matthew Wells announced that all current SG members should look forward to the annual State House meeting on Wednesday, April 29. The general body session will be held in the Trenton State House chambers and will be followed by a presentation from the Student Finance Board.

“The actual budget that SFB proposes requires Student Government’s approval,” Wells said. During the State House meeting, SFB will present their budget proposal for 2015–16 to SG and allow general body members to ask questions before voting.

“It’s kind of an important meeting for you to be there,” Wells said.

Javier Nicasio, vice president of Equity and Diversity, informed prospective SG members about his committee’s ongoing project this semester: the Bias Response team.

“Basically, that is a group of students that deals with bias incidents,” Nicasio said, citing the recent parking garage vandalism that covered 19 student vehicles with offensive and graphic graffiti.

The Bias Response team will investigate such cases and will reach out to the college’s Chief Diversity Officer Kerri Tillett if necessary.

Academic Affairs will have a table in the Brower Student Center during Meal Equivalency on Monday, April 27, so that students can bring any issues to the committee’s attention.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Casey Dowling urged students to provide “feedback” on any pressing academic issues or proposed changes.

Senior Class President Brian Garsh said that “mandatory” Senior Week orientation meetings will be held between Monday, April 20 and Wednesday, April 22 in Roscoe West Hall.

All participating seniors must attend one of three meetings to learn about Senior Week waivers, policies, schedule, and the surprise keynote speaker.

Junior Class President Emily Montagna announced that Coozies with a logo of the College will go on sale at the end of the year for $3 each.

Sophomore Class Vice President Tori Mazzola reminded SG members that Spring Back will be held on Sunday, April 26.

Freshman Class President Ryan Cleary said that the Lions Walk For Hope, scheduled for Friday, May 1, will start on the Green Hall steps.

The walk is intended to “support mental health awareness and to create community on campus,” Cleary said.


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