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AXiD getting ready for first full year on campus

Sisters of AXiD pose, holding up the symbol for their sorority, while helping students move-in.
Sisters of AXiD pose, holding up the symbol for their sorority, while helping students move-in.

By Gabrielle Beacken           Nation & World Editor

Sometimes there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

That’s how Abigail Hosonitz, the public relations vice president for the Iota Omega Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, puts it. With an organization including just over 100 people, patience and understanding are both necessary skills.

“I mean, can you imagine meeting 106 people for the first time and trying to instantaneously get along,” asked Hosonitz, a junior interpersonal/organizational communications major. “It’s hard.”

Careful coordination and intricate planning were required for the one-semester-old AXiD sorority and now the ‘new kids on the block’ are ready to start their first year on campus with passion and confidence.

“I was looking for a place to call home at TCNJ,” said Jennifer Schablik, the AXiD membership vice president. “I was looking for somewhere that I could see myself grow and thrive while also having the opportunity to become involved with a huge network of individuals.”

Schablik, a junior biology major at the College, found that “home” with her sisters in AXiD. By becoming membership vice president, Schablik will be able to help new and current students find “a space that made prospective members interested and comfortable in.” By planning recruitment events on campus, she hopes to showcase what AXiD stands for.

“With the support of other organizations and the Panhellenic community at TCNJ, we are able to give women the chance to find their home away from home at Alpha Xi Delta,” said Brittany Hartory, the colony and new chapter development coordinator. “Alpha Xi Delta’s vision is ‘inspiring women to realize their potential’ — which is something our chapter at TCNJ works hard to do through leadership opportunities and support of each individual woman’s successes.”

Many members joined AXiD to find their place on campus and to make long-lasting friendships. Some also joined to continue or begin community engagement and charitable work.

“When I came to college, a part of me that I left behind was working with and for children with developmental disabilities,” Schablik said. “I realized that if I joined AXiD I would be supporting Autism Speaks … I am thrilled to maintain my involvement in a cause that is so near and dear to my heart while still being a college student.”

Alpha Xi Delta supports and partners with Autism Speaks — the world’s largest autism advocacy organization, according to AXiD’s webpage. Autism Speaks spreads awareness of Autism and funds biomedical research that investigates causes, prevention and a possible cure for autism.

“I hope that our presence on campus will bring more attention to autism awareness,” said senior health and exercise science and teaching double major Roisin Dougherty, who serves as president of the College’s AXiD chapter. “We are super excited for our philanthropy event this fall and hope that all members of campus are motivated to participate and spread awareness.”

Current students and prospective members will be able to participate in AXiD’s philanthropic events, as well as familiarize themselves with the girls of the sorority through fall interest sessions. According to Hosonitz, there will be three interest sessions for incoming freshmen and sophomores.

“I definitely want to encourage girls who are interested to feel free to come up to any one of us and ask why we chose AXiD,” Hosonitz said. “We are all looking forward to welcoming some bright new faces to our sisterhood.”

Dougherty is also excited to share AXiD’s presence and message on campus.

“I mostly just want to see people fall in love with Alpha Xi as much as I did,” Dougherty said. “After joining the chapter and attending National Convention, I have nothing but love and positive vies for my sisters and my organization.”

Partnering and getting acquainted with Greek and non-Greek organizations on campus is an integral part of this year for AXiD, Schablik said. She looks forward to establishing her sorority’s reputation by promoting their programs and philanthropic events.

Being new is not a burden — that is the beauty of AXiD, according to Hosonitz. The girls of the sorority were able to experience everything together, including, most importantly, the creation of their very own chapter.

“We really do pride ourselves in being the new kids on the block. No matter how much opposition and negativity we may receive as we start on campus, I know the power our organization holds,” Hosonitz said. “We strive to be respectful to every other organization and can only ask that we receive the same from them.”

As AXiD starts their journey on the College’s campus, they strive to make strong ties with fellow Greek organizations by demonstrating respect and kindness. In turn, the sorority hopes that they receive that same respect, Hosonitz said.

“Although we’re new, and we’re still learning what it is to be Alpha Xi Delta. I am so glad I made the decision to join,” sophomore iSTEM early childhood education major Victoria Lai, a sister, said. “I don’t think I’ll ever regret it.”


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