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Campus Style

By Jillian Greene & Patricia Wilcox

Eser models the perfect fall look. (Photo courtesy Patricia Wilcox)
Eser models the perfect fall look. (Photo courtesy Patricia Wilcox)

Mete Eser is a sophomore communications major with a minor in philosophy. When he’s not looking flawless on campus, he’s looking stylish at his job at Urban Outfitters in Princeton. And of course, his love for Kanye West makes him dress his Kanye best. We sat down with him to find out more …

J&P: What’s your favorite trend?

Mete: I like the baggy and simple styles that are upcoming. GQ magazine is focusing on having single colors with a relaxed fit. But honestly, to me, if you feel good, you look good.

J&P: Whom do you get your inspiration from?

Mete: Kanye West, not even a question. Everything he designs is different. He is not afraid to push boundaries. Nothing is over the top, there’s just the right amount of genius mixed with bold designs.

J&P: Do you think there is a correlation between Kanye’s music and his designs?

Mete: Absolutely. He started designing clothes around the time of his “Yeezus” album. That album is known as wild and was not liked because it was so extremely different from his other music. But his new clothing line is the same way. He is keeping it fresh and new. You have to do you and respect yourself enough to wear a style that reflects you. Keep it open-minded when it comes to fashion.

J&P: Describe your style.

Mete: Keep it simple, less is more. If you’re comfortable in your own clothes then you should feel good about yourself. But then again, I’ll throw in one piece that is crazier. Don’t be afraid to try bold and crazy things, as long as they are paired with something simple. It is hard to label myself in one style because style is always evolving. Urban Outfitters is not really style. The things in there are pretty decent. They have brands more like Supreme, a normal black shirt with a big logo on it, priced high. Not for me. I just can’t respect clothing like that.

J&P: What are some of your favorite brands and stores?

Mete: Normally you will see me wearing brands such as Freestyle, Zara, H&M, David Yurman or Banana Republic, but if it looks good I’ll buy it. I’ll buy shoes from Payless if they look good — doesn’t matter to me. I usually shop at Adidas, Zara, Lucky Brand (because their clothing lasts forever) and even Forever 21 where you can buy jeans for just $15.

J&P: Describe your ideal fall outfit.

Mete: Yeezy Boost 350 (the white ones) sneakers, black jeans, an army green shirt and a slouchy reversible cape. I would pair that outfit with my signature silver necklace, some rings or a watch and a few of my leather bracelets.

J&P: What can you be seen wearing on a date this fall?

Mete: Tan, suede Chelsea boots paired with light blue jeans and a white shirt with an oversized gray cardigan. I’d throw on a necklace, watch and larger clutch and keep my hair straight and not overdone.

J&P: Is there anything you wear on the daily?

Mete: I wear a necklace every day or a watch or a bracelet — never nothing on my wrist and sunglasses, typically Ray Bans in the persol style.

J&P: What’s your biggest pet peeve in fashion?

Mete: I really can’t stand expensive Jordans, mid-calf socks, basketball shorts or snapbacks all together. Oh, and definitely no tank tops.


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