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CUB holds ‘Three For Free’ comedy show

By Melissa Natividade

With ridiculous antics and a penchant for inflammatory tactics, Kevin Barnett and Dan Soder of MTV’s hit show “Guy Code,” were joined by fellow comedian Aparna Nancherla at the College Union Board’s Three For Free Comedy Show on Thursday, Aug. 27 in Kendall Hall.

The comedians from “Guy Code” have been busy touring the country with the cast of its spin off series “Girl Code,” and treated students at the College with a performance before their final tour date in Boston.

While the crowd couldn’t wait for the show to begin, the comedy crew could not wait for it to end, as they joked about the College being set in the middle of the forest.

“I see people out there running, but I don’t think it’s for the exercise. I swear I saw wolves in that forest out there and now, frankly, I do not feel safe,” Soder said.

The New York-based comedians played on all things uncomfortable and relatable, including drugs, relationships, being politically correct and the unnecessary nature of raisins in cinnamon treats.

“One day I decided to get a cinnamon bun with my coffee because, you know, why not, but what did I get when I bit into this thing — raisins. Fucking old grapes, man,” Barnett said. “My father did not come here on a boat from Jamaica for me to have to sit here eating raisins I do not want — I blame Obama.”

Barnett’s comedy focuses on relatable topics like relationships and drugs. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)
Barnett’s comedy focuses on relatable topics like relationships and drugs. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)

After his set, Barnett introduced the hilariously awkward Nancherla. As self-deprecating as they come, Nancherla opened up with her recent trip to Australia.

“I stayed in a hotel room for two weeks by myself but they gave a room with two beds,” Nancherla said. “The whole time I was there, I wanted to bring a gentleman caller home just so when we got back to my room I could be like, ‘This is your bed, thank you so much for joining me. If you have any requests this is where you can find the coffee filters and the Bible. See you in the morning! Oh please don’t talk, it upsets me.”

She went on to share her experiences about living in New York City, like incessant cat calling she swears couldn’t have been aimed at her.

With the audience in tears from both laughter and a pinch of sadness at the similarities between their lives and that of Nancherla’s stories, she wrapped up her portion of the show by sharing her recent experiences on Tinder and its wide array of not-so-chivalrous gentlemen.

“Hi! I like hairy Indian women. You look nice,” Nancherla read from the app.

When Soder took the stage talking about cigarettes and drugs, he couldn’t help but laugh at how everyone in the audience was flabbergasted and just wished for nothing more than to run and tell the nearest responsible adult.

“Now I feel like an old truck driver giving a drug speech. I wanted to talk about drugs but you guys are really good,” Soder said. “You guys know that marijuana is legal now in Colorado, like you walk into the store and you just buy it. But I hate it because I grew up there and now all of my stoner friends from high school that I’m supposed to do better than, own and operate their own dispensaries and they’re like the most successful people I know. Do you know how much that messes with your head?”

Soder jokes about dog shows and being self-conscious. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)
Soder jokes about dog shows and being self-conscious. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)

Soder looked back into his past and explained that a lot of things can mess with your head, like the strangely sexual undertones of commentators at dog shows or growing up self-conscious for looking like a bobblehead doll.

He ended the night on a high note, exploring how his “pothead ways” are why he gets along so well with children and actually cares about if they get away from the monsters in the basement or not.


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