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WTSR New Noise: Beach House & AWOLnation

WTSR New NoiseThis week, Nick Landolfi, WTSR assistant music director, highlights some of the best new albums that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into their weekly rotation.

Band: Beach House
Album: “Depression Cherry”
Hailing From: Baltimore, Md.
Genre: Smooth Electronic Slow-Pop
Label: Sub Pop

Beach House is a name that has been in the electronic conversation for quite awhile now. The group, consisting of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, has seen a decent amount of praise and has been touring successfully for years. This album, however, seems more focused on creating a space for emotion to grow and transform. They spent their time focusing on weaving slow and precise melodies in and out of timid vocals. It’s a step back from heavy synths and layers of sound to tight and controlled instrumentation. Many songs on this album feature a slow and melodic ebb and flow, keeping a central idea close to heart. The two said they wanted to focus their energy on creating an atmosphere with each song on this album, giving the listener less hooks and choruses and more emotional charge.
Must Hear: “Sparks,” “Space Song,” “PPP” and “Beyond Love”

Band: AWOLnation
Album: “Run”
Hailing From: Los Angeles, Calif.
Genre: Heavy Dance Pop
Label: Red Bull Records

AWOLnation is the acclaimed and successful side-project of Aaron Bruno. With the 2011 release of “Megalithic Symphony,” he saw huge success with the single “SAIL” and other big songs. “Run,” however, could be even more megalithic and symphonic. Bruno kept true to his silent promise of keeping AWOL weird and not trying to cash in on any pop success he might try to search out. “Run” poses itself as more technical and complex than “Megalithic,” in that Bruno really opened up new ideas and stretched his musical capabilities. On this album you’ll find trippy, almost frightening dirge-like songs, like “Run,” but you can also find seemingly happier and more pleasing tracks, like “Headrest For My Soul.” What you will also find is a technical prowess, where Bruno builds upon his fusion of multiple styles — mixing acoustic rock and pop with a newly found appreciation for EDM-based breakdowns and orchestration.
Must Hear: “Run,” “Jailbreak”   and “Headrest For My Soul”


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