Monday, July 26, 2021

Campus Style

By Patricia Wilcox

Name: Christine Yarish
Year: Senior
Major: English and secondary education

This week, I asked Christine Yarish, a senior English and secondary education dual major, about her style for the upcoming transition from fall to winter.

Yarish radiates style despite the rain. (Photo courtesy of Patricia Wilcox)
Yarish radiates style despite the rain. (Photo courtesy of Patricia Wilcox)

PW: Describe your style.

CY: Minimalistic with an edge. I try to keep things simple, but like to add a unique twist to whatever I’m wearing.

PW: Who is your style inspiration?

CY: I really can’t think of anyone in particular. I follow a lot of fashion blogs and I’m on all the time. I find inspiration all over the place.

PW: What can you be seen wearing as it gets colder?

CY: When it gets cold out, I live in turtlenecks and wool socks. I also bought a bunch of big, comfy blanket scarves that make me happy.  

PW: Can you make any recommendations for how to dress for the weather, but also stylishly?

CY: It’s all about the coat. A coat or jacket can really be the entire outfit. Layer it with a scarf, which is a cheap and practical way to avoid a cold-weather uniform. I have tons of scarves and change it up every day. But really, it’s all about what people don’t see. I wear layers of socks underneath my cute boots and thin, long sleeve thermals under my sweaters and tops. No one knows how warm and comfy I really am!

PW: What is your favorite winter accessory or article of clothing?

CY: I’m very attached to my navy Ellie Tahari wool boucle coat (it’s my baby).

PW: What did you wear this Thanksgiving/what are your usual plans?

CY: I spend Thanksgiving with my extended family and we are all extremely casual for the holiday. Black jeans and a simple sweater will suffice. Since it’s Thanksgiving, I’d probably make it special by wearing a dark lipstick. We’ll probably take a walk to the nearby park to play some football so my black slip-ons are my fashionable stand-in for sneakers.

PW: Did you shop on Black Friday?

CY: I avoid Black Friday like the plague, but this year I’m working it. Pop in to Urban Outfitters and come say hi!

PW: What is the best way to approach Black Friday shopping?

CY: Look for classic items on Black Friday (black leather purses, work pants, simple pumps). These items don’t usually go on sale often, but most other items you could find better deals after Christmas.

PW: What articles of clothing will be on your Christmas list?

CY: I really need a new pair of black ankle boots. I’ve worn mine to death.


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