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Campus Style: Winter Storm Jonas

By Jillian Greene

Winter Storm Jonas brought many things to a halt, including the College’s first day of classes. Delayed one day thanks to spokesman Dave Muha’s trusty emails, students celebrated the first snow day of the year. Still, Jonas did some real damage to people’s outfits.

My first day of school outfit was ruined when I knew I had to rethink my new suede booties. Instead, I opted for my trusty Hunter weather boots, as I have learned the hard way that trying to be fashionable at the College on a snowy day will sometimes land you face down on the ground. Wearing my Hunters, however, means that I have to work my entire outfit around them since I have the mid-rise pair — one of my few fashion regrets.

As I walked to my Tuesday morning class, the Michelin men (and women) were everywhere. Students and faculty alike were bundled up in their big, puffy jackets and snow boots. You may have even seen some turtlenecks in class! I remember when, just a few short years ago you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in a turtleneck, let alone big clunky snow boots or puffy jackets that make you look like you’ve gained the freshman 15 —  even when you haven’t gained a single pound.

Fortunately, these fashion staples are making a comeback. Say hello again to the puffy North Face jackets and oversized clothing from high school. Now, if you’ve always wore these things, I applaud you. In my opinion, I don’t see why any one type of clothing should ever “go out of style.” If you like something, you should wear it regardless of what others think, especially if it’s well suited for the winter weather and many snowstorms that are sure to come!


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