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Comedy Central roast reaches new Lowe

By Jake Mulick

Last week, I watched Comedy Central’s “Roast of Rob Lowe,” and it was awesome. Few words can really encapsulate how much I enjoyed watching a very diverse panel, ranging from Peyton Manning to Ann Coulter to Rob Riggle, take myriad shots at Lowe and his infamous past. The jokes were quick and biting, even verging on insensitive, as the accomplished panel roasted Lowe on his past sexual deviancy, as well as his recent fall from super-fame. What I enjoyed most about this comedy special was not the attack on Lowe, but the verbal reprimanding of Fox analyst Coulter.

Coulter takes the heat at Comedy Central’s ‘Roast of Rob Lowe.’
Coulter takes the heat at Comedy Central’s ‘Roast of Rob Lowe.’ (AP Photo)

Coulter was a member of the panel of celebrities invited to roast Lowe, but was subject to the panel’s biting remarks concerning her ultra conservative views. They showed no mercy, calling her a hate monger and a racist, and comparing her physical appearance to that of a horse. It was a sight to behold as comedians, actors and even a Super Bowl MVP ripped into the very essence of this woman’s being.

Now, I won’t lie to you — I can’t stand Coulter. I think she is a bigot who uses her spotlight to preach hate and encourage a racist, divisive mindset. I think she deserves to be reprimanded for how she treats people who are different than her.

What struck me as I watched her face during this verbal assault is that I almost felt bad for her. When one of the members of the panel called her a “transvestite hooker,” I thought that maybe she should throw in the metaphorical towel and save herself from the rest of the night’s attacks. It was almost too cruel to watch a person, even someone I detested to a point, be mocked so mercilessly.

This comedy special forced me to ask myself a very serious question: “Am I a bad person for enjoying the aggressive mockery of Anne Coulter, and does laughing at this joke make me reproachful?” After some intense thought, I arrived at the very simple epiphany: of course not. Laughing at comedian Pete Davidson compare a shrill, blonde TV personality to a scarecrow does not make me a villain.

Comedy is an expression of oneself, similar to any other form of art. In my mind, there is no real difference between saying, “I dislike this person’s stance on crucial social issues,” and cruelly mocking someone in order to garner some laughs from an audience. Laughing at someone’s persona is the same as disagreeing with their stance on an issue. How crudely it is worded shouldn’t matter because we live in a world where a brusque remark or a biting sentiment really might be the best way to get a message across. A critique is a critique and should be respected as such.

So, next time you hear a joke about someone that makes you put your hand over your mouth and wonder whether or not it is socially acceptable, remember the world is not divided into what is and isn’t appropriate to say. All critiques should be thought of as valid information that helps us better shape our appreciation for the world around us.


  1. Anyone who laughs at the past escapades of a sexual deviate (Lowe and his sex tape with a 16 year old girl) should be ashamed. This is not comedy. Shame.

  2. Anne Coulter chose to go on that stage and knew what she was getting herself into. You shouldn’t feel sorry for her nor is laughing at the jokes about her wrong in this circumstance. The thing about roasts is you have to be able to take it and able to dish it out in return.

  3. “Ann Coulter is one of the most repugnant hateful hatchet faced bitches alive, but it’s not too late to change Ann. You could kill yourself.”
    “Ann Coulter looks so much like a truck stop transvestite whore, that I saw Jeff Ross run to an atm just before the show.”
    “Ann Coulter’s pussy is now so old and dry that it just got a job drawing cartoons for the New Yorker.”
    Jimmy Carr

    There are jokes and there is this. i can’t even describe how wrong this level of hate and bullying and straight up cruelty is. Im disgusted at people’s laughter, and comedy central’s failed attempt at humiliating a woman who is not even the person being roasted. Good for her for not caring what people say, other than the c word. I hate Hillary Clinton for being a traitor and a failed “feminist” and an all around terrible person but I would never laugh at someone telling her to kill herself or calling her a c***.
    Let’s teach our children that bullying is wrong but be hypocrites while we do it. Maybe reconsider who should die? Touché?

    -30 year old educated independent woman, disgusted with biased hollywood and media

  4. The roasts are always brutal, although I usually enjoy them. Sometimes they go too much for shock value by its cruelty/offensiveness rather than actually being funny, which takes away from it.

    I thought some of the jokes towards Robin Quivers (on the Joan Rivers roast) were actually worse than the ones on Ann Coulter. Making jokes about someone for being abused as a child is pretty low.


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