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Students should focus on the ‘I’ in Valentine’s Day

By Miguel Gonzalez
Sports Editor

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, roses sellout, restaurants fill every reservation and boxes of chocolate pour out of stores. You are meticulously planning a date, a gift or a kiss for your partner. In the midst of all this effort to prove your love for another, did you ever stop to think, “Do I ever appreciate myself?”

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As college students, we’re too preoccupied to ever really consider our own feelings.

It’s not easy to evaluate your happiness when you’re balancing clubs, coursework, internships, jobs and social activities. There might come a time that your grade point average drops, applications are rejected and club’s events are scrapped.

Classes become difficult. Every exam turns into a giant boulder you’re desperately trying to escape like Indiana Jones. Proposals are quickly dismissed at club meetings.    

You assume every shortcoming was your fault and that you have disappointed everyone in the process.

While lifting all of your burden, you try to fix everything to the extent of mistreating yourself. Less sleep, time with friends and relaxation. Your body bares all of the physical costs.   

Suddenly stress punches into your head and a lingering doubt emerges. Nothing feels great anymore as life becomes mundane and you constantly play the blame game. Just another failed exam, shaky interview, unproductive meeting and pretentious lecture.

Having self-love becomes essential in these situations.

In the midst of denying every failure, you forget about who are your accomplishments, cherished memories, dreams and more. You forget about why you go to the College in the first place.

Why do you wake up at dawn to go to class or practice? Why are you willing to dedicate endless hours to a club, greek organization, job or team. In my case, why do I spend so much time at The Signal office every Monday night? Why are you burning the midnight oil to memorize a theory, perfect a technique or beat a personal record? All of this toil does not soil your dignity. Rather, you do it because you love it — repeating that statement is a good step to nurturing happiness.

I love what I do. As the sports editor, I love writing about almost every sports team on campus. I love having friends and professors to look up to and laugh, learn and debate with one another.

I love having my hard work thrown at me and being told it can improve. Most of all, I love having the chance to pursue a higher education and a dream, especially when so many are not blessed with the same opportunities.   

So, pick up your head and take a moment to breathe. Tell your loved ones that you love them as much as you love yourself. A little self-love everyday eases the pressure off the daily grind.

With much love,

— Miguel Gonzalez
Sports Editor   


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