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‘Rogue One’ satisfies ‘Star Wars’ fans

By Khadijah Yasin
Staff Writer

From high-speed, intergalactic space battles, to Darth Vader’s badass lightsaber and chokehold skills, “Rogue One” was what every “Star Wars” fan and viewer could have hoped for and more.  

Intended as a prequel to the original trilogy, “Rogue One” takes place during the rule of the evil Empire, before the Rebel Alliance begins its ascent toward victory and the destruction of the infamous Death Star.  

The overall plot was unlike any other seen before in the “Star Wars” franchise. The film tells the story of rebellion and sacrifice, a theme touched upon in the other movies. While heroines and underdogs in this film tell a well-known story of good trumping evil, the plot still maintained a realistic and different element to it.

Though it was very bittersweet, this pragmatic series of events was quite refreshing and gave way to a more satisfying experience.

The film primarily focused on Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) who become unlikely heroes of the resistance.

Close up view of popcorn in bowls and movie tickets (envato elements).

Though these characters were significant parts of the film, director Gareth Edwards intertwines so many plots and storylines, that no character dominated the screen, and by the end, each character’s storyline came to together in a fascinating, unforeseen way.  

This film’s graphic quality pulled you into the story. The battle scenes and shots of the numerous planets and galaxies made you feel like you were tagging along in the journey through outer space.  

Edwards makes references to past films that brought a new level of sentiment and nostalgia that will make any “Star Wars” fan shed a tear. You’ll see some old footage from “A New Hope,” intermixed throughout the plot, with other details from the older movies that were very well-hidden unless one is very familiar with “Star Wars.” This makes the experience that much more heartwarming.  

This film is action-packed, heart wrenching and perfectly balances sentiment and bravery everything that “Star Wars” fans love. No question was left unanswered, and plots flowed together in the end to make one the most epic finales to date. If you are a secret Vader fan guilty as charged you will appreciate the ending because Vader proves how powerful and insidious he actually is.

Until the very last second, you are on your toes and cannot believe what you are watching. Then, all of the sudden, the credits are rolling and you are left in your seat speechless and a little out of breath. Especially in IMAX 3D, “Rogue One” feels like one of the best “Star Wars” films to date.



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