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Campus Style: Must-haves trending this season

By Jillian Greene

Every season, a number of new trends emerge. Some trends die out quickly, but others stick around and transform into must-have items. Recently, I have noticed a number of fashion items that have transformed into closet necessities. I recommend the following items because it seems these trends are here to stay.

Necklace on black clipping path background (envato elements).

The choker: Honestly, when these first came back around, I didn’t like them. I could never see myself actually wearing one. However, as I have watched them evolve over a short amount of time from a simple black choker to a variety of fabrics and styles, I knew I needed to get my hands on one as soon as possible.

Bomber jackets: These jackets are great because you can wear them with almost any outfit. I’m seeing more and more around campus on both men and women.

Velvet: Velvet shirts, shoes, skirts or dresses — there has been an explosion of velvet everywhere this season.

Adidas sneakers: On a sportier note, Adidas is taking over. The Tubular Viral Casual Sneaker is the new hit. I’ve seen them on men and women across campus. I’ve even seen women wearing men’s styles and totally rocking them.

Slip-on sneakers: I’m obsessed with slip-on sneakers, and I’m pretty sure the rest of the fashion world is, too. Almost every brand makes some type of slip-on sneaker. You can wear these in any season, as well as dress them up or dress them down.

The midi boot: They’re not as popular as over-the-knee boots, but they are definitely making their way up the fashion ladder. Coming up a few inches above your ankle, midi boots are a cute way to dress up your favorite pair of jeans. I’m in love with my velvet pair.


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