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WTSR New Noise: White Lies & Tim Darcy

This week, WTSR Music staff members Adam Petrillo and Jonah Malvey highlight some of the best new albums that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Band Name: White Lies
Album Title: “Friends”
Release Number: 4th
Hailing From: London
Genre: Vibrant synth pop & gnarly post-punk
Label: BMG

I had never heard of White Lies before, but after listening to the album, a variety of music and eras began to resonate with me. White Lies is a power trio featuring guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Most of their songs start off at a slower pace and then ramp up in an uplifting beat. The band’s songs are mostly about love, which seems sad, yet they are disguised by the chill and fun melody. The album gives a summer night vibe – something you would listen to with friends out on a long drive. In all, I enjoyed the songs and wouldn’t mind hearing them on the radio.   

Must Hear: “Take it Out on Me,” “Morning in LA,” “Hold Back Your Love” and “Don’t Want to Feel it All.”


Band Name: Tim Darcy
Album Name: Saturday Night
Release Number: 1st
Hailing From: Montreal, Canada
Genre: Art Rock, Indie Rock
Label: Jagjaguwar

Tim Darcy, the lead singer of Ought, releases his first solo album, “Saturday Night.” The defining characteristic of this album is Darcy’s signature vocals, which sound like a mix of Lou Reed and Ian Curtis of Joy Division. The album is basically stripped down indie rock, occasionally complemented with a choir and strings. The songs transition from ’60s pop nostalgia to standard indie rock with some experimental twists. Overall, the album is a self-indulgent experiment by Darcy, composing songs without the restrictions of a full band and with little regard to what his audience will think.

Must Hear: “Tall Glass of Water,” “Still Waking Up” and “You Felt Comfort.”


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