September 20, 2020

Rhett’s record rings with classic country sound

By Sabrina Axelrod
Staff Writer

Rhett’s lyrics are often inspired by his relationship with his wife. (Universal Music)

Country superstar Thomas Rhett dropped his third studio album, “Life Changes,” on Sept. 8. The album takes fans on a journey through Rhett’s personal and professional life. Similar to his past hits, the album focuses on his love for his wife, Lauren.

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their love for their favorite artist upon hearing the new album.

“Do guys love girls like Thomas Rhett loves his wife or is he the only one in the world like  that,” and, “If Thomas Rhett’s music doesn’t make you want to love a girl with all your heart then there’s something wrong with you.”

Rhett begins the album with his hit single featuring Maren Morris, “Craving You.” The song immediately puts listeners in the country mood when the drums begin blasting and Rhett’s southern boy twang reaches its full effect.

Next is “Unforgettable,” another instant Rhett classic. Much like the song, “Get Me Some of That” off of his album “It Goes Like This,” Rhett paints the picture of a special night where he connects with his love. Describing the night, he sings “Girl, that night was just like you — unforgettable.”

Rhett’s next track, “Sixteen,” was also released as a single prior to the album’s full release.

This track also harks back to the past as Rhett recalls his time learning how to drive, using a fake ID and buying his first legal beer.

While every track is about his love, that is not all the album has to offer. “Drink a Little Beer,” is a laid-back song that has all the country basics covered beer, tan lines and pretty country girls. His father, Rhett Atkins, is also featured in this song.

Rhett Atkins doesn’t sing on this track, but he does speak at the end of the song. He makes fun of his son, claiming, “I taught you everything you know son, but not everything I know.”

Another song that veers off the course of his normal theme is “Marry Me” — which has a more depressing tone, talking about not ending up with the one you love. But hey, all his songs can’t describe the bliss of love as he does in “Die A Happy Man.”

The following songs, “Leave Right Now,” and “Smooth Like the Summer” are catchy songs, perfect for driving around town with the windows down. Yet, nothing compares to his track, “Life Changes.” This song sums up the meaning of the whole album in just three minutes.

Each verse is about a different stage in his life. In one verse, he sings “I bought a ring and she said I do, but everybody else said man you’re 22 what you tryna prove?”

He continues with, “Hey, why don’t you wait? Cause I’ve been waiting on her since the second grade.”

Instant chills.

The following songs through the end are a mix of upbeat and slow tempos but all are of course about love.

“Life Changes” is a fun album with personal messages that perhaps is best summed up in Rhett’s words in the track, “You make your plans then you hear God laughing. Life changes, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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