October 21, 2020

Homeless man demands immediate entry to College

By Brielle Bryan
Opinions Editor

Homeless man seeks shelter at the College

On Sept. 18, at approximately 3:25 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Trenton Hall on a report of a tall male individual harassing the College’s admissions staff and refusing to leave. The male was reported to be wearing a striped gray and blue shirt.

Upon arrival to Trenton Hall, Campus Police was advised by admissions staff members that the male individual was no longer in the room. A male staff member said that before the individual walked out of the room, he threw something at him, police said. At this time, one of the officers advised that he saw someone matching the description of the male individual walk out of Trenton Hall toward the information booth.

Campus Police spoke with the male individual, who identified himself. Campus Police asked the male individual his address, and he answered that he was homeless and did not currently reside anywhere, police said. The male individual informed Campus Police that his last residence was at a location in New Jersey. The officer relayed that information to College Dispatch, and asked them to check for wants and warrants for the male individual. As College Dispatch was checking, Campus Police asked the male suspect what happened. The male stated that he went to the admissions office to try and transfer into the College, but instead of enrolling him right away they handed him paperwork and advised him that it needed to be filled out to be able to start the transferring process, police said. The male said that he thought it was unfair and needed to be transferred right away.

Campus Police explained to the male individual that there is a process that has to be followed when transferring into a college, and that the admissions staff was following the proper procedure. One of the officers told the male individual that she heard that he also threw something at one of the staff members while he was talking to them. The male individual advised that it was a brochure that they had given him, and that he had become upset and he threw it down and it hit one of the staff workers’ arms, according to Campus Police. After College Dispatch advised that the male was clear for any wants or warrants, Campus Police released him after telling him that he could not cause anymore disturbances on the College campus, police said. The male individual agreed and left the area.

Campus Police asked witnesses if the male threatened them or if they felt threatened while he was there. The witnesses advised that besides the individual telling the witnesses “something’s coming your way,” when they told him that no further action could be taken to admit the individual as a transfer student, the male individual did not threaten them, nor did they feel threatened while he was there, police said.

Campus Police advised the admissions staff that they would be conducting a report and to contact Campus Police if the male individual were to show up again.


Female student fails to escape unwanted company

On Sept. 18, at approximately 2 p.m., a female student arrived at College Dispatch’s window and advised that she would like to file a report because she believed she was being stalked.

The female student informed Campus Police that there was an individual with whom she had a couple unwanted interactions. She believed that these unwanted interactions would escalate based off of information she gathered from her friends, police said. After Campus Police asked the female student to explain the interactions, she began explaining a series of events.

The female student said that last year, approximately mid-September, she was in Eickhoff Hall’s dining area when a male student, who she had never met, came up to her and said, “Lesbians don’t want to date me.” She said that she expressed displeasure in the conversation, but he persisted in talking to her, police said. When the female student got up to leave, the male student began to follow her all the way into the TCNJ Clinic where he sat next to her in the waiting room and continued to talk to her as she filled out paperwork. According to police reports, the female student advised that she ignored him until he left.

After that incident, the female student advised Campus Police that she didn’t have any more incidents with the male student until Wednesday, Sept. 13, when she was in the Brower Student Center. The female student said she was sitting with her friends on the couches near Traditions when the male student walked over and sat in the chair across from her, police said. When the male student sat down, the female student’s friend sitting with her texted her and said that he wanted to leave because he did not feel comfortable with the male student sitting with them. When they left, the female asked what her male friend’s experience was with the male student, and he explained that the male student was in a club with him and had stalked two girls on two separate occasions, police said. The male friend said that the male student went as far as to know the girls’ schedules, and sat outside of where they lived on campus.

The next day, Sept. 14, the female student advised Campus Police that she was walking out of the library when the male student came up to her and started to talk to her. According to police reports, he told her that from the moment he saw her, he knew he loved her. He said he tried to find her on social media but could only find her uncle, police said. The female student repeatedly expressed to the male student that she was not interested, but he continued to follow her all the way to Bliss Hall. Eventually, the male student left when she went to speak with one of her professors.

The female student advised Campus Police that this was the last interaction she had with the male student, and felt that she needed to report it because she believed it would escalate, police said. Campus Police asked if the male had made any threats to her, and the female student advised that he did not. Campus Police also asked if the female student felt threatened when the male student was around, and she advised that she did not, she just felt very uncomfortable, police said. The female student told Campus Police that she did not want to file any charges, but would like Campus Police to speak with the male student and have him stop contacting her.


Campus harassment continues

On Sept. 25, at approximately 7:30 p.m., two Campus Police officers were dispatched to the Centennial Hall office to meet with a female student who wanted to report that she was being harassed. Upon arrival, the officers met with the female student and a community adviser, police said. The female student stated that she had been receiving alarming text messages and phone calls from an unknown caller.

The female student stated that she first received a text message on Aug. 23 from an unknown number saying, “Hey.” She answered back the next day on Aug. 24 saying, “Hey who’s this?” The unknown number replied on Aug. 24, “Idk. Who r u.”

The female student did not answer and stated she went to Eickhoff Hall for dinner, police said. She stated that she looked at her phone for the first time all day, and within a minute she received another text message from the unknown number stating, “I saw you check your phone. Why haven’t you replied?”

Later that night, the female student was hanging out with some of her friends and received a call from an unknown number. She ignored the first call, but she received a second phone call and decided to pick up the phone. According to police reports, the female student stated that it was a male voice on the other end, who was asked her, “Why haven’t you called me?” and said her name.

The female student stated that she never told this individual her name, police said. When the female student asked who was calling, the male stated his first name. Eventually, the female student hung up on the unknown caller. The female student believes she knows the identity of the caller, but she does not know for sure.

The female student stated she received another call from an unknown caller, but did not answer. The same male left her a voicemail and said, “That was rude. You hurt my feelings.” In the voicemail, he also asked her why she was not calling him back.

On Aug. 26, the female student received another call from an unknown caller. According to police reports, the same male voice left a voicemail stating that he missed her and to tell her roommate that he thinks she’s attractive.

On Sept. 16, the female student received a text message from the male stating, “I heard you were sick. Feel better.” On Sept. 19, the female student stated she went home because she was sick. She received another phone call from an unknown number and did not answer, but the same male left a voicemail stating, “I heard you were sick. Why didn’t you call me?”

When asked if the male individual showed up places she was at randomly, she explained that he was popular, really social and was always everywhere all of the time, police said. The female was told to call Campus Police if she received anymore voicemails or text messages. She was also told to call Campus Police whenever she needed an escort around campus.


Student claims Obama is current president

On Sept. 23, at approximately 2:30 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Townhouse East on report of an intoxicated male that would not answer his door, police said. College Dispatch advised that he dispatched TCNJ EMS.

Upon arrival to Townhouse East, Campus Police was met by a female resident who explained that one of her housemates had been drinking and had come back to the residence, vomited outside and went up to his room. According to police reports, the female student said that she went to check on the intoxicate male a little while later, found his door locked and did not receive a response to her knocking.

Campus Police went up to the intoxicated male’s room and knocked loudly on his door, announcing themselves. Campus Police did not receive a response, but heard rustling in the room and what sounded like someone burping or vomiting. Campus Police knocked and tried to speak to the male student multiple times, but did not receive a response. After multiple attempts, Campus Police keyed into the male student’s door. When Campus Police opened the door, they found the intoxicated male lying on the floor on his right side, police said. There was a puddle of vomit on his clothing and under his head, and his wallet was lying at the top of his head.

TCNJ EMS was at the scene and entered the room to wake the male student. TCNJ EMS had the male student sit upright against his bed, and started asking him questions, police said. TCNJ EMS first asked the male student where he was, and he responded, “North East.”

TCNJ EMS asked him what day it was, and he replied, “the 22nd.” When they asked the intoxicated male who the current president was, he responded, “Obama.”

TCNJ EMS continued to talk to the intoxicated male, and he said that he had been drinking alcoholic beverages such as jungle juice and beer, which combined to be about six standard-sized cups, police said. As TCNJ EMS continued to talk to the intoxicated male, a local township EMS arrived on scene and saw that he was able to walk unassisted. TCNJ EMS asked the intoxicated male questions again, and this time when he responded he told them that he was at the Townhouses, in his dorm, the date was the 22nd and that Donald Trump was the president, police said. TCNJ EMS and the local township EMS both agreed that he was able to refuse transport to the hospital, which he did. At this time, he was not issued a summons due to the amnesty law.


Thief turns STUD meatless

On Sept. 20, at noon, a Campus Police officer was dispatched to investigate on a report of stolen meat from Sodexo Dining Services in Brower Student Center. Upon arrival, the officer met with a Sodexo employee who stated that upon taking inventory of meat stored in the freezer in Brower Student Center, five eye round steaks (total value of $100) and two packs of lamb chops (total value of $70) were missing. An Inventory of Stolen Property form was completed. No suspects were reported at this time.


College flag goes missing

On Sept. 22, at approximately 9 p.m., a Campus Police officer arrived at Trenton Hall to remove the three flags from Trenton Hall’s flagpoles for the night. The three flags were the American flag, the New Jersey state flag and the College’s flag, police said. When the officer went to remove the flags, she noticed that there were only two present. The rope on the flagpole that held the College’s flag was all the way down, wrapped around the rope holder carelessly, and was missing the College’s flag, police said. The officer asked another officer if he knew if the flag was missing for any reason, and he said he did not know. After checking with administration, it was found that the College’s flag was not supposed to be removed and was indeed missing, police said. There were no suspects to report at this time.

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