September 25, 2020

Transfer student feels welcome at College

By Harrison Kelly

Before I made the decision to transfer colleges, I was told by teachers, family and peers that it wasn’t going to be easy. I listened to what everyone had to say, but didn’t really feel their words or understand how hard the transition would be until I decided to switch from Lebanon Valley College, a small liberal arts college with 1,600 students in rural Pennsylvania, to the College, which has over 7,000 students. This past year has been a major adjustment, to say the least.

After no longer being content with the quality of education at Lebanon Valley, I figured I would head home to community college to save some money and reevaluate my situation. From there — after looking into Rowan University, Stockton University and the College — it took some serious consideration until I came to my ultimate decision, which was that the College had the most opportunity for me. Since officially moving in this past August, I have definitely not regretted my decision.

Students share their passion for their areas of study. (

What drew me to the College was the reputation the school had for accepting students with the drive to succeed. Students at the College are known for having high SAT scores, as well as a strong work ethic. When I was accepted into the College, I was flattered that I could go to an institution that houses some of the brightest students. In both of my previous institutions, I found a lack of students willing to make the time commitment to focus on their studies, as well as think about what they want to do with their future.

While I’m not against enjoying my college years, there’s a time to hang out with friends and a time to focus on the books. Not many students at Lebanon Valley — especially in my business courses — could grasp this concept.

Most of the business students at Lebanon Valley had the same mentality, which was something along the lines of, “I’m here to play sports and hangout, so I guess I’ll just be a business major.” I could not stand that thought process. I don’t believe in settling for an area of study because it seems like the easiest option. I believe in choosing an area of study that I’m passionate about that will lead me on the right path to success.

I am paying a lot of money to get a degree in business administration, and at the end of my four years I hope to walk away with a strong understanding of all areas of business  — marketing, finance, accounting, economics and management. Through my studies, I hope to gain a set of time management skills, as well as a strong network of individuals exiting alongside me in my graduating class. I feel that the College has been absolutely exceptional in regards to these expectations.

After being a student at the College for only two months, I already feel like I’m at home. I’m with a group of students who are just as passionate as me about business and the education process. Many of my peers in my business courses are really on the ball, and through groups like Pi Sigma Epsilon, the business fraternity, and the Entrepreneurship Club, I have gained a lot of insight from guest speakers, as well as respective club members who are driven individuals ready to make it out in the real world.

I’m so grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity to advance my education at the College, and the amount of insight and skills I will walk away with will make the endless nights studying worth it come graduation. Thank you to everyone who has made my transition and adjustment to the College so worthwhile.

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