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Campus Style: College apparel

By Jillian Greene

Every time I walk into the Barnes & Noble in Campus Town, I spot another article of clothing that surprises me. As a senior, I’ve seen the clothing section in the bookstore evolve over time. Every year, there are new styles of sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats, outerwear and performance clothing items.

Freshman year, things were simple. I purchased a few different styles of sweatshirts varying from hooded sweatshirts, quarter zips and full zip ups. However, I’ve started to notice the bookstore’s attempt to keep up with the world’s fashion trends.

The trends that are in storefronts at the mall are the same ones hanging on the racks in the Barnes & Noble in Campus Town. For example, joggers have now exploded for both men and women. You can go to the mall and purchase the Adidas brand, or go to the bookstore and purchase the Champion brand with the the College’s logo on it.

The College’s apparel offers a variety of styles for students. (Horacio Hernandez / Staff Photographer)

One style that I was particularly excited to see was the College’s woolly pullover crewnecks. I first saw this style in the Victoria’s Secret store with the PINK logo written across the chest. This sweatshirt style is perfect for a relaxing day. Pair it with comfortable leggings and sneakers and you’re good to go. At the bookstore, the pullover comes in blue, white or striped. There is also a quarter zip option.

The most comfortable, yet stylish, item I’ve purchased so far is undoubtedly the light grey crewneck. I see many students wearing it around campus, so I assume it is a customer favorite.

For those of you who don’t have the Barnes & Noble College app, I suggest you download it. The app allows you to connect to the College and will provide discounts on your purchases at the store. The app will also send you push alerts letting you know there’s a sale on certain items. It’s a must.

In addition to downloading the app, I definitely recommend making a trip to the bookstore to check out all the new and trendy items they have on display this semester.


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