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Campus Style: Plain White Tee

Plain white T-shirts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could ever own. You can create so many amazing outfits with a simple white shirt — from dressy to casual, the possibilities are endless. Today, I’m going to share with you five stylish outfit combinations that incorporate a white T-shirt.

  1. White T-shirt with a leather jacket. As the weather slowly begins to warm up, I’ve been reaching for my moto-style leather jacket, which I like to pair with a white v-neck tee, black jeans and black booties. The outfit gives off an edgy yet comfortable vibe.
  2. White tee and a flannel. A T-shirt and flannel is my go-to library look. If I get chilly in the library, I can put on my flannel, or if it’s warm, I can wrap it around my waist. I also typically add a baseball cap to hide my messy hair!
  3. White T-shirt and boyfriend style jeans. I am a big fan of pairing distressed denim with a simplistic white shirt. For shoes, I usually wear my favorite grey suede slip ons, or white low-top converse. The outfit looks like I put a lot of effort into it, but in reality, it’s so simple!
  4. White tee and a cardigan. There is nothing I love more than a cozy cardigan. I usually pair a gray or sand-colored cardigan with a white tee and leggings or ripped jeans. To add a little bit of dimension to the outfit, I’ll add a few pieces of dainty jewelry.
  5. White T-shirt and a denim or printed skirt. I’ve been seeing this look all over fashion blogs and street-style inspired Instagram posts. For a simpler look, pair a denim skirt with a white shirt and a fun pair of flats or slip ons. If you’re feeling more daring, take a printed mini skirt such with stripes or a pattern on it and balance its business with the white shirt. I have a feeling this look will be on trend for the entire spring season.  


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