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Roscoe West Hall undergoes roof repairs to remove asbestos

By Raquel Sosa-Sanchez
Staff Writer

Improvements to the east side of Roscoe West Hall, which began on June 4, are scheduled to end on Sept. 30, according to the Office of Campus Planning and Construction.

The project is focused on repairing the 1968 addition to Roscoe West Hall. Repairs consist of removing existing roof membrane, the repair and replacement of insulation, and the replacement of guard rails and roof entrances, according to the Advertised Bids on the College’s website.

Asbestos was used in the original roof design. Some of the improvements for the building’s roof include the removal of asbestos and the installation of synthetic roofing.

Settembrino Architects is in charge of the repairs. (Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor)

When the new library was built in 2005, the Roscoe West library was closed off to students and used as a storage facility. The building has been closed off to be preserved due to its historical significance to the College, according to an interview with Director of Campus Planning and Campus Architect Lynda Rothermel with Lions Television and The Signal.

The College plans to eventually use the building for admissions and alumni relations in the future, according to the interview. Forcina Hall is also undergoing similar roof repairs and fixtures within the next two years, according to the College’s website.

The College has hired Settembrino Architects for the project, an architecture firm located in Red Bank, New Jersey. Settembrino has worked on the campus before with the construction and expansion of Eickhoff Hall and the College’s capital improvement projects.

The College’s design manager, Mumtaz Makhdomi, and construction manager, Joe Como, have not responded to requests for comment.


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